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First let me tell you that I'm from Portugal.
Last week I bought a pair of Radius 3000.
Everything should be fine, but after a full inspection I found that one was produced in November 2010 and the other in September 2011.
With these so different dates, I entered the internal menu and I was given the following results:

November 2010 - CON:11 SER:8 BUF:7 DSP:22
September 2011 - CON:11 SER:8 BUF:8 DSP:25

I've searched everywhere, but it seems AA doesn't publish firmware updates to their products.
And, yes, I did contact American Audio Cosyumer service (both in europe and in USA) but saddly I had no response.

Before I return these (probably) fine players to the shop I want to ask if anyone has, at least, the firmware that corresponds to September 2011, or even more recent.
Otherwise I?ll have to consider other manufacturers, who provide updates to their equipment.
Thank you very much for your help.
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