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Hi Everyone,

I have some questions about the Radius 3000 i have baught 2 month ago.

Can anyone tell me the function of the skid effect. Dont find out how that feature works.

I am just wondering why its so complicated to create a Sample. So why must i create a loop and can save this as a loop than. So The Track must run in a loop for a short time and can be released from that when the sample was saved. Why isnt there another way to create a sample without having a loop before.

And is it possible to let the sample run only as long as i press the number on which the sample was saved. So when releasing the button the sample stops running.

Maybe this is possible. If not i think this would be a good optimisation for this very good player.

Best regards
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The Skid is a Brake effect similar to what you would find on a turntable or other CD players. The Time parameter will set the start time the higher you set this time the longer it will take you player to reach playback speed. the parameter ratio will set your brake same principal but when you press pause it will slow down gradually.

Sorry your sampler question is not to clear. unless you create a loop it you set a cue and activate the Sampler this will trigger a 4 second loop. to Edit loop size hold down the reloop button. this will display you out point time use the jog wheel to move you out time.

To cut a loop deactivate the sampler by pressing the S.
Ah Okay - I do understand the Skid effect now.

I dont know the feature how to change the endpoint of a loop. So thats cool, too

But if you press the S once the Sample will be played over and over again. If you press it again - the complete sample will be played once. Why isnt there a chance to play it just as long as i press the button. So that you can just tap it and play just the first maybe 200ms from the sample again and again (and not the whole sample - you cannot do that with pressing the s again.... Do you know what i mean?

Best Regards

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