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I am sorry to hear that you guys are having an issue.

The battery life indicator will not be 100% accurate, but should be pretty close. If the life reads 0 after an hour, then I suggest returning the product for repair and this could cause other issues as well.

Mikey B,
The issue that you described is very strange. I also suggest returning these for service. There must be something wrong with the display which is causing the fixture to reset back to the default setting. Are you having an issue with all 15 of your Wilfy QA5 Bars?
Our lights acted up again this week (same problem as above). We noticed in the warehouse after the event that some of the lights had the rF feature activated. We turned OFF the rF feature on all the lights hoping this was the cause of the resetting of the fixtures in the future. We'll keep this forum posted on the results. If anyone even cares lol.
My lights were acting up again last night at an event. We recorded the problem from a cell phone. (link below) All 30 fixtures had the rF feature off. A majority of the fixtures would randomly turn off completely when the battery indicator was showing around 40 percent. The fixture in the video was behind the DJ booth approximately 7ft from the WiFly transmitter.

What do we do?
Here's another homemade video after my lighting fixtures acted* up at my events on friday and saturday. I found that 1 of the fixtures was causing other fixtures to act funny which I though was impossible since the units only have receivers and aren't capable of transmitting any signals.

*By acted up I mean that when cycling through a menu on 1 fixture, 6 other lights in the room started flashing. After powering off the light in question, later on in the party, all the lights turned off simultaneously and the DMX channel mode switched from 8channel mode to 4 channel mode.

Here's our video:
I double checked, the lights were not in slave mode. They were set to d001 and connected to the wifly transceiver. The light in question was interrupting the signal of the lights set to d001. I'm sending 14 of the lights back today for repair with broken antennas and faulty operation.
We sent 15 out for repair but the batteries are only under warranty for 6 months after purchase and to have them replaced would cost around $100 each. We decided not to replace the batteries because of the cost and now we just keep them plugged in at events and factory reset them 2-3 times a night when they act up. Not the perfect solution, but it works for now. If anyone is interested in purchasing our lights and possibly fixing them, please pm me.

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