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Hi i'm new in here and i'm Dj from Israel, and i need your help experts.
I have two PSX and i find out some problem and i don't really know what exactly the problem is.
when i put into the player discs it somtimes starting the cue point from the middle of its song and when i rewind the track again it start from the begining.
what the problem is?
Is it the quality of disc burning?
maybe the lazer is out of allegiment?

Please help me!!!!
I really apperciate your help.
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Marco.. I'll foward this issue to our sales department who can possibly help you get that fixed at your nearest dealer in Isreal. In worse case senerio you'll might have to ship them to the American DJ Europe office, and get them fixed like new there, and they will be shipped back to you. You'll be contacted soon.
Thank you skillz if it's will help i'm about to move to u.s in april 2005.
and i'll live in Texas/dallas

i really appericate your help and i really be happy if you can solve my problem it's little but it bothering me when i play in clubs here.

thank you my E-mail:

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