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Well, for almost two months, I've been a proud owner of two PS2's and a QD5.

Working with the instant cue return function (Flashing Scratch Green Light), I've noticed an inconsistency in it's response.

The basic function is for the ps2 to return to the cue point and play when my hand is removed from the wheel. As I was working with this function, I discovered the PS2 can spin back and return to the cue point when the wheel stops. Or so it seems.

My PS2's will either spin back and play the cue as the wheel stops or will pause play until the wheel stops and then return to the cue point. At first, I thought I was being inconsistent with my technique, but then I realized that it's the PS2 not responding consistently.

Has anyone else notice this?
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Keep in mind when you do that you still use the memory. If that memory bucket starts to get low you may have a delay. The best method with the juggle I've found is to scratch not back spin. Use the regular scratch mode for back spins. I've never had my player continue play until the wheel stops spinning and then go back to the cue point and play. If you think it's something serious customer service will have to hook you up.
The memory bucket usually has a few bars in it when I try this.

Thinking that this problem might be related to burnt CD's, I tested this with retail cd's and still have the same results.

I like the instant cue return function because I don't have to think how far back I spun the wheel. I can spin the sound back, stop and hit the cue point on beat. When the PS2 responds, tapping the wheel on beat as I spin back, creates pretty sweet effect and creates an interesting transition.

I guess I'm pushing the PS2 function beyond it's intent....
I tried the back spin in juggle mode and what I figured is you do have to tap the platter if you want that instant response. You back spin tap on beat, scratch release on beat. I guess you were trying to back spin and expect it to play on the cue point and be on beat, when in fact it just picks up when the back spin effects stops. Even on vinyl something like that is not possible unless you have it pre marked, which means you couldn't do things on the fly like you can with the PS2. Cool
Yeah, there's no way someone with a vinyl setup could do what I was attempting on a single TT. I do have to tap the wheel again while it's spinning if I want it to pick up on beat. But as I mentioned earlier, you can only make it work if consistently if your in a loop. Otherwise you will get the random cue pause until the wheel stops.

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