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I have two PS2's and I have an occasional issue. When playing a recorded CD, I get these repetitive clicks and a general distortion of sound, sometimes to the point where the music is unlistenable. Strangely, I can take this same CD and put it in many other players (I have two rack mounts from other manufacturers) and I don't incur the same problem. Any ideas/help? It has made me look silly "on the job" a few times.
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This does happen from time to time. There have been several discussions about it.
In a nut shell, the PS1/2/X are a little sensative when it comes to burned discs.
They like high quality media (I've had good luck with S0ny Audio CD-Rs). And slow burn speeds (1x, 2x).
Hope this helps.
It could be laser allignment. It could be dirt on the laser, or it could be minor imperfections in the burn. Remember the PS2's use a high speed CD-Rom drive, not a regular CD drive. It needs the higher speed drive to buffer the music for all of the advanced features of the player, unfortunately, if the CD Rom picks up an error while spinning at 24X, it almost equates to magnifying the error 24 times. I have heard that there are a couple other high end decks that experience the same types of problems. And unfortunately they almost all conclude it is bad media. As I stated earlier, it could be a player issue. But media is just as likely. As far as it playing fine in other players, if they are using a standard Music 1X CD drive, they are not as likely to pick up the error in a way that is noticible.

Do you have a 2nd PS2? If so try the same media in that player. If that player gives the same results, then it is more than likely a media imperfection as I have stated. If it doesn't duplicate the problem, then I would be inclined to say the player's laser is dirty or off allignment, then I would send the unit in for servicing.
DJ Stevie Ray, thank you for your help. I do have two PS2's in a coffin case, and it does seem to do the same in both - so I think my conclusion is definitely media. (my left one is more sensitive to it than my right - but - I think the conclusion is still media). I do burn at 24X usually and I have noticed that the CD's I burned 10 years ago, back when I paid $1200 for a Tascam CD burner and I was the bomb because I actually owned a CD burner - lol, back then I could only burn at 1x - and I haven't had many problems with those CD's. But the stuff I burn now, or burned a year ago has the trouble. I'm going to try burning at 1x to see if that seems to correct the problem - sound like it will. Again, I can't thank you or Billabong enough for your help. The high speed CD rom concept does make a lot of sense. How helpful this forum has been - thank you guys so much!!!

I believe the issue you are experiencing are from the first generation of PS2's. There have been cases of PS2's not reading the CD's correctly and causing the music to sound like there is PoP Corn baking in your speaker. What you need is the upgrade chip that i believe ADJ would be more then happy to help you 100% on this matter, and of course i will foward this to our sales department, and help you resolve this matter quickly. You will be contacted.
Thanks Skillz, I haven't heard from anyone yet - but I'm gonna call today. I did a Valentines Day party last night and even after trying everything as suggested above (burn at 1x, use highest quality media) and I'm in the middle of a slow song with a dance floor full of couples, click, click, click, click. I feel like an idiot as people turn and look at me like and my sound quality is a mess. I've spent a fortune on the highest quality equipment I could afford to help separate myself from my competition and I promote myself as having the highest quality reliable equipment, and then I show up and can't get either of my two PS2's CD players to work - very frustrating. I was considering either making the huge investment in all factory produced CD's, or getting rid of the PS2's for something that will be more stable. I currently download my music LEGALLY and produce my own CD's which is cost efficient and convenient, but doesn't do me any good if the player can't read it correctly. (Sorry - just venting), I'll call ADJ today.
I recently sent my PS2s in to get fixed because of a problem with them reading CD's, and they said the repairs were gonna be over $200 dollars! The kicker is when I first called to send them in, the guy who gave me the RA numbers told me that they would probably fix them for free since they were lightly used. They are just out of warranty, but all I do is play with them at home. I have since told them to just send them back to me, because I would rather invest that money on better equipment.I have sent one back before to get fixed, and now they both break down at the same time. Is there a problem with the first generation PS2's? It seems like they made them to just last past the warranty.
Lamarons, I'd be thrilled to pay $200 if it would fix the problem. I'm fairly frustrated with the whole thing. I sent mine back for repair. I received a call today saying, "It's not the players, it's your CD recorder that has the problem." I'm not too proud to accept that it may be a problem on my end, however, I have burned CD's with a TASCAM recorder, a TOSHIBA recorder, and the DELL recorder in my laptop and the ALL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. American Audio is simply sending my players back to me with no repair and no clue as to what the problem is. I will be shopping for new players and I'll keep these PS2's as expensive back ups. I'm losing my confidence in American Audio. When I first got these PS2's, one had to go back a week later due to an overheating problem. It was fixed at no charge. Then, a year later I had one go back for a problem with the RCA connection in the back. Now, it would appear I cannot play anything but factory pressed CD in them. I'm trying very hard to run a business here - I have to deal with the expense and time of marketing my business, booking appointments, maintaining equipment... the last thing I need is to have to make MORE investments in CD players or additional CD burners (which will probably produce the same results). I refuse to go on jobs with my reputation on the line and a client that has paid me top dollar to have a CD player mangle the opening dance for a bride and groom. Unacceptable. I'd be fine with investing in a $1000 high-end burner if I knew for sure it would fix the problem. However, my TASCAM was nearly $1000 when I purchased it - it only burns at 1x, and I've still had trouble with the CD's coming out of there. I just wish I could find the SOLUTION to the problem, rather than the "it's your problem" I seem to be getting from American Audio.
I am just curious, as to if it may be the media. I had both the original Pro-Scratch and PorScratch 2's each for about 3 years, and never had a problem with either playing my burned CD's. I use Mitsui Gold. In our company we have a couple different brand players, and I always hear the other guys complaining about disk errors, or playback glitches, so I take that unit it the following week and try it, again 9 times out of 10, I don't experience those problems. PM me your address and I'll mail you a CD with some tracks on it. You can try that and see if you still have problems. I know the Mitsui's are very expensive compared to other CDR's, but not all media is made equal. And if you are using the best gear, why put anything in it other than the best? I don't put 87 octane gas in my Ferarri either. Wink

Note: I don't really drive a Ferarri.

The offers open.
Chico, with the exception of the problem I've had (listed above) they are cool machines. Keep in mind that my DJ company does mostly wedding receptions and company parties (50 per year) so I'm not always using the "cool" features of the PS2's to their full capabilities. My company does get the occasional collage party, bar or club gig - and that's when I can really put the features of the PS2's to work. The scratching capability is wonderful, the looping features are also very fucntional, and the effects work nicely too. The tempo lock is a great feature allowing you to speed up your BPM without effecting vocals. The more you use them, the more features you seem to find. I think I paid around $399 for them. I've had mine since 2002 and from what I understand they may be a lot more reliable now than they were when I first purchased them. They are impressive when working correctly and priced to sell.
I'm done - got my PS2's back from ADJ today with no repairs and no advise. So, I went out and purchased a new CD burner and some Sony Music CDRs. Re-recorded a disc at 1x on new burner. Put in PS2 - sucked. When I pitch up it turns to garbage. So - I re-recorded 5 more CD's on 5 DIFFERENT BURNERS using 2 DIFFERENT computers. I used an Iomega burner, a Tascam burner, a Toshiba burner, a Dell internal burner, and a Gateway internal burner. I used iTunes software, Windows software, Cakewalk software, Roxio software. Guess what - all don't work in the PS2 when I pitch up. They garble and sort of click. I've got a huge job next weekend and can't trust the PS2's anymore. I refuse to be on stage playing for a huge crowd only to have my stuff sound like hell through the PS2's. I can't (and won't) afford to go out and buy all factory pressed CD's - so I'm calling American Audio to tell them what I think then I'm off to find a product I can have faith in. This forum has been great (Skills and Stevie very helpful) but when I call American Audio I get ZERO customer support - I sent both of my PS2's in to American Audio along with some recorded CD's to see if I could get any help. Instead, I get a guy with a smirk in his voice saying "It's your CD's dude." OK - fine - it's my CD's - any help from anyone at American Audio to explain to me what I may be doing wrong? I followed all the "rules" my fellow forum writers have shared with me. Anyone want to explain why the very same CD's work FINE in my Denons? I can't take it anymore. Gotta go get something else. It's a shame 'cause I love these PS2's with factory pressed CD's - but I need to be able to burn my own stuff or I'll go broke and these players can't help me any more.

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