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  • Low Price
  • Master Tempo
  • Great scratch effect
  • Visual marker display
  • Anti Shock (10 sec.)
  • Seamless loop
  • 3 flash start buttons with 5 second samples for ea. button
  • +/- 4%, 8%, 16%, 100% pitch
  • Digital output (S/PDIF)

    There is no other player under $300 that gives you this much.

  • The layout is a bit different from a standard layout, so it takes a little getting used to
  • Although the scratch effect sounds great, since there is no touch sensativity, it's not my first recommendation for a tablist.
Originally posted by adlai983:
[qb] Does anybody have the CDI 300?

If yes, what's cool about it and what isn't?

Thanks [/qb]

The CDI 300 is the Perfect unit for "mixing" with CD's. Not meant for heavy trickery, but meant for heavy mixing. It will get you to Point A to B with no problem, and i would recommend them for any good paying event, Making Mixes, or Just for practicing.

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