Hi to all. 

I downloaded 2 profiles for a qtx 4 in 1 gobo derby fixture, a 2 channel and a 10 channel. I can manually operate each slider and the lights obey but they aren’t included or working with the automatic programs. Can anyone tell me if I’m doing something wrong?

Same problem with Chauvet Beamer 6 FX on both 2 and 15 channel profiles. 

Hope you can help. Thanks. 

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Hi Spanna, you mean not moving when using pan-tilt effects? I have the same problem. Pan/tilt named in the appropriate channels, manually responding like the should- but not moving at all when creating an effect in the PRO-app. Used the blue more simple app before, less possibilities but the blue app did the trick. Wassup ADJ?

Not really the same thing I don't think.  I'm using the myDMX Go app, also tried the Lightrider app and thats the same. 

I can manually adjust each channel in the fixtures section and the lights respond, so the SSL profile seems to be programmed correctly, but go back to the live section, select any program or auto chase and the lights do not respond to the programs chase patterns.  If you return to the fixtures section you can see all the other profile channels whizzing up and down but not the QTX Gobo Derby or the Chauvet Beamer channels.  Its like the App hasn't been programmed to include these lights/effects.

Hi Spanna, neither of the lights you mentioned have Pan and tilt channels in them, so they really are not able to move with the PT motion effects in the app, also sadly both of these lights do not feature RGB 0-100% intensity channels so they really are not of much use on the mydmx GO app, the App is primarily at its core a simple Pan and Tilt plus RGB effects engine. The only way you'll be able to control your lights even a little bit will be manually using the faders as you've been trying. 

Ah! That would explain it then. Very sadly, that’s half my light show so it looks like something or things is/are up for sale...

Thank you for your reply. I checked that the profiles existed before I bought the DMX go, assumed that they’d work. But I suppose the profiles are there for other Mac/pc based programs. I’ll check some of those out. 

Incidentally, will the DMX go WiFi receiver work with other pc/Mac laptops and programs?

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