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If you're new to MyDMX and new to the scan library editor, it can be confusing. You can set ranges to specific functions, so it's not impossible, it's just more work and harder to figure out. It also doesn't help that MyDMX will not dynamically update the profile attributes associated with the profile to the fixture. So, it's "tweak, re-load, test, repeat"

It appears that Channel 1, if you set it to 255, and the set channesl 2,3,4 to 255, you SHOULD get ALL white(RGB mixing). You don't need a profile to do this. Assign your fixture to DMX address 1, then just plug things in, launch MyDMX and move faders.

Keep in mind profiles make it easier for us to understand, but also lets the computer do things that would be more difficult for us to do individually(or at least more time consuming). At the same time, a DMX value is a DMX value and you've got 512 faders you can move.

Again: you DO NOT have to have a profile loaded to make MyDMX function. You move a fader, it sends DMX values. Plain and simple.

See if this works before you really proceed.
Hi Jingles, I have been reading the forums for a few days now and am so grateful there are people who still like to help others so thanks.

We recently purchased 10 Visage Block 6 LED Battons from Batmink in the uk.

I have looked everywhere for a profile for myDMX and had no luck in writing my own so could really use your HELP! Smiler

If you cant find the DMX traits for this fixture online, I can post them in a message to you.

We would like to us them in 20 dmx channel mode.

Any help would be great,

Thanks Jingles
Actually, NO YOU DON'T need a profile to make a fixture function. All you need to do is set the values.

The NEED for a profile has been discussed at great length, only proving IN THE END that profiles are NOT needed. They help US as humans relate to the fixture better. They also help the computer be able to do some stuff for us, such as linking channels, grouping and FX stuff.

MyDMX works on a "snapshot" basis. Whatever you use for values are stored with the scene and/or step within a scene, regardless if you have a profile associated with those DMX channels or not.

I had to incorporate this one guy's pair of movers into a show, and lacking the correct profile, I said "to hell with it" and just kept the manual open to the DMX traits page. Adjusted scenes and everything with no problems.

Right now, I'm waiting to hear your results of a test of channels 1,2,3,4 being set to 255 and channel 5 set to 0. This should result in WHITE.

Take out channels 2 and 3 and you get blue, leaving channels 1 and 4 full on.
1 and 2 full on should be red
1 and 3 full on should be green.

See if that works.

Do you have the capability of scanning the manual page(s) that show DMX traits? I just get the feeling something is missing. Right now, the main thing I see missing is a manual being available online. So, short of someone sending me one to test with, it's best to wait for a maunal page to show complete DMX traits. Seeing as how you seem to have 16 of these units, yeah, it might be nice to have a manual.
By far one of the worst manuals ever.

If I get time tomorrow, I might burp out a profile. It's been a while because I've been using Compu Show and it does things differently.

But again, profiles aren't needed to see if somehting is working. DMX channel information is DMX channel information.
Jingles--thank you for the reply and profile.
Chris, I have no clue what you are talking about. All I know is that the MY DMX program requires a fixture profile to create the steps of the scene.
I have been using MY DMX for three years now.
I have a 260 some oddd channel ligt show. The last MY DMX update changed the profile creating routine. I have no clue how to make the new profile creator function. So now, I simply ask Jim (Jingles) for a profile when it is not in the scan library. I now have a profile from Jim, and I'm off to the races. Peace!

Thanks again as always Jingles!
Hi James and Chris

Thanks for having me on this site, its been a big help for a relatively new user.

Ive been looking everywhere for a myDMX profile for some LED fixtures we recently purchased. (A common problem I know)

I would be extremely grateful if you could help me by writing a profile for mydmx. I have uploaded the Fixture DMX traits here -

Thanks Guys,

Yeah, I know tell me about it!

They are an LED baton fixture that has 6 individually controlled led blocks. I have a link to the product that will give you a better idea.

They are the Visage Led Block 6

I have been struggling to make any sense of how the chart relates to the assignment of the fixture traits in myDMX.. So any help offered would be great, thanks

Originally posted by Jingles:
I used to do that but it is really hard to program in the 3D when you don't have the actual fixtures. And I just don't have the time anymore like I used too. Doing support and profiles for about 6 different lighting software's is more than a 8 hour 5 day a week job now. Big Grin

Thanks for the quick response
Hi James,

I used the profile you kindly wrote for me over the weekend, but had quite a few issues with it.

I tried the led battens in all the modes and had varying degrees of success

In mode 5 the 6 sections of LED were split in half, with only red and Blue on seperate faders, flash speed on another, dimmer and an fx (color flow etc) channel. (which in mode 5 didnt control anything)

All of the Modes within the fixture reacted the same with the only diference being that the Fx channel became a dimmer for different combinations of the blocks. These also came up in different colours and could not be controlled.

I resorted back to a show file I created a while ago and went with that but so far I'm struggling to get the full potential of these lights. I'm very impressed with them so far though!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks James

Well the profile i made was for one mode only as that is the dmx chart i saw that you sent me a link too. So as far as different modes, i had no idea. I'm glad your enjoying a non adj product Big Grin haha.
to be honest a profile CANNOT be wrong or give you grief with your lights. all it is, as stated by Chris earlier in the 1st page of this thread is a "user friendly" way to use your channels. I made the profile based off the chart you gave me a picture of. This is what happens when consumers buy off brand products. they are not well supported.For all you know that manual could have been for a different fixture and not apply to yours at all. This isn't a sales pitch it's a reality. Let me know how I can help you and i will do my best. For now if I were you I would play around with channel one and see what some of the other functions do. There is nothing like controlling a light to that of which you do not know what it does or is supposed to do. lol
Thanks for your reply James,

Yeah I totally understand where you are coming from! Smiler I've watched the Youtube Vids and read a quite a bit, including chris's info. I'd actually made a profile that was very similar to the one you posted for me. And that didnt work either.

The Only thing left to do is make my own chart and start again Frowner thanks for all of your efforts james.

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