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Re: Please Advise - Problems With USB Drives For American Audio CDJ
Decks - Radius 3000

Hi all, I would appreciate any advise the forum members have on this problem, better still if someone from ADJ can email me - I have already emailed this enquiry to ADJ support & await a reply.

I own a pair of American Audio "Radius 3000" CDJ Decks.

These CDJs work fine with most USB sticks - though some of the sticks
do not register / are not readable by the CDJ decks even though I can
see the MP3 Files on the stick on my PC.

I recently bought a a terabyte portable hard-drive for use with the
decks when I'm gigging so I don't have to keep changing USB sticks
during the set - but the decks will not register or read from the
hard-drive by the CDJ decks.
The hard-drive does not have it's own power supply and takes power via
the pc or deck it's connected to via the USB lead - in this case the
Radius 3000 CDJ deck.
The drive indicates that the CDJ deck is not generating enough power
to run the drive - so I suspect this may be a factor why the decks
can't read the drive.

Could someone please advise on how to overcome this problem so the CDJs
can read from the hard-drive.

Could someone either email me, post or direct me to a list of hard-drive makes /
models that you know do work with the Radius 3000 Decks.

A list of compatible USB sticks would also be useful to save me time
and expense in future when buying USB sticks and USB hard-drives for
use with the Radius 3000 Decks.

I am based in UK, Europe.

Many thanks,

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Thanks DynaSpin,

Yes, I tried it with the original USB drive cable.
I was unaware of that "500 gig" issue - does it say this in the manual ?

I've heard back from ADJ support - they advise using self powered hard drives only.
I suspected it was the self powering that was the issue.
I've suggested ADJ do an upgrade so the CDJs can work with non-self powered drives, also larger gig drives as self powered drives are harder to find.
Also the non self powered drives are usually solid state - which means no jumps from the drives being bumped.

Thanks again.

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