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I’ve had no problem using it on “midi” mode with my Windows computer, however I replaced my computer and got a Macbook pro and since then I’ve had many issues.

The Macbook pro has the following characteristics:

Macbook pro 15 inch

Processor 2.4 ghz intel core i7

8GB of RAM

os version is 10.7.5

I installed the mac version of “Virtual DJ” provided on the website of American Audio, and I have updated the firmware of the american encore 2000 to the latest version.

However I’m experiencing the following problem:

After about 10 minutes of using the mixer in MIDI mode with virtual DJ LE the sound through the headphones and the master speaker goes bad. If you exit the program and re-enter again it will run correctly, but just for another 10 minutes until the problem starts all over again.

I’ve ruled out that it is a virtual dj problem since we have a trial set on itunes that sets the sound to come from the american encore 2000 but the same problem occurs, the sound goes bad after 10 minutes.

I also ruled out a virus in the Mac because we tried to use it on another Mac, but experienced the exact same problem.

I would greatly appreciate any solution you could provide or any assistance that you could give me to make the mixer work with my new Macbook.

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