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I have two Quad Gem DMX fixtures connected in master/slave mode. Is it possible to reverse the display of the slave so that it is the mirror-image of the master?

What I want is when the master's left-hand, red LEDs are lighted, the slave's right-hand, red LEDs are lighted. Currently, the left-hand, red LED's are lighted on both fixtures.

There is a menu option for "|DSP" but all it does it flip the display of the menu and not of the RGBW LEDs.

It seems the only solution is to try to swap the top/bottom covers of the slave fixture.

Also, what is the difference between slave modes "SL1" and "SL2"?

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I have to agree with Jingles. Master/slave will have to be ditched in favor of control via DMX, or else you'll have to maybe mount one upside down?

Short of that, if you don't give a squat about your warranty, see if ADJ has one of their "under the hood" videos about the Quad Gem, and then go nuts with your screwdriver and rotate the guts 180 degrees. However, for the record, I DO NOT endorse or recommend this modification.

I'd say if those center panels are swappable, that might be a way to go. Lets you mount upside down without flopping guys around and screwing with asymetrica orientation(can't be level because one would be up, one would be down).

Personally, I'm recomending DMX.

I was thinking if this was a moving yoke fixture, there's often an option to swap pan and/or tilt values. This would allow you to do what you want. But these aren't movers.
May I resurrect this thread, as I have a question related to syncing 2 QuadGems?

Thank you.

I started using MyDmx 1.0 a year or so ago. Before then, I would link all "like" fixtures and run a master/slave on them. Set it and forget it. Wash color rotations, auto programs on effect lights.

The QuadGems looked extra-cool like this. The best of the lot. However, I've run into a head-scratcher:

Since using a dmx controller, even though I have the same settings for both of the QGs, they are out of sync. One's pattern is always a little behind the other.

Should I address them the same way? Is it a cable issue? I'm just not sure why it does that.
Is it a power linking thing?

Any thoughts? Never had this issue in Master/Slave configs.
I think I just realized what the problem is. I've been putting them in stand-alone mode (242) to pick up sound, and they are catching it differently with the mics. They are on opposite sides of the drum kit. So there you go.

As there is no slaving one unit to another while also using DMX, this is a no go. Sorry to waste anybody's time, and thanks for your help.

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