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ok, u so cool. Thank for American Audio very much.I will email for u.I start to learn dj .In VN don't have dj school .I learn it from a dj in club.I learn dj because dcdpro-1000 .When i see it the first time from internet and like it very much.A my friend in Houston,TX buy it in GuitarCenter and bring it to Vietnam for me.But i don't know use it and i must learn dj = (I learn dj because DCDpro-1000).Thank AmericanAudio made it!
Sorry my ennglsh very bad!
Originally posted by Brian ADJ:
[qb]Exclusive Offer to American DJ Forum Members!!!

A 20-minute demo video of the American Audio DCD-PRO1000 has just been finished. The DVD features our very own DJ SKILZ sharing pearls of wisdom on American Audio's new flag ship dual digital deck.

We are offering this DVD free of charge. E-mail your name, mailing address and forum user name to

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