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i have a problem to work with 4 decks on my vms4 in my traktor software.
i want to hear the sound over my pc speakers. when i move up the linefaders nothing happens
and i cant hear anything over my pc speakers. i only have sound on my headphones if i move up the linefaders.
what should i do? do i have done the wrong settings in asio or my traktor software?
can someone please help me!!!!! now i have the new vms4 and cant work with that unit... its so angry... please help me.
here are my official settings now:

general settings on the unit:

- 4out/8out switch is on: 8out
- all midilog channels are switched to: USB
- normal/reverse switch is on: NORMAL
- CF A and CF B is switched to: OFF
- i had installed the newest update of the asio driver and the newest vms4 firmware.

asio settings:

- pre-EQ mode
- 8in - 2out mode

channel group: midilog1
left channel: out 5
right channel: out 6

channel group: midilog2
left channel: out 1
right channel: out 2

channel group: midilog3
left channel: out 3
right channel: out 4

channel group: midilog4
left channel: out 7
right channel: out 8

channel group: master rec.
left channel: in 1
right channel: in 2

traktor settings:

audio setup

- audio device: adj asio

output routing:

- mixing mode: external

output channel A: out1/out2

output channel B: out3/out4

output channel C: out5/out6

output channel D: out7/out8

output preview: not connected

output send: not connected

input routing:

all channels are set to: not connected


thats are my official settings and i cant hear something over my pc speakers when i move up the line faders
on every channel. please i hope someone could help me. and sorry for my bad english.
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I have the same issue with my sound. The VMS4 configures your comp to a external sound card if your VMS4 is connected via the USB it will not play through the PC's headphones or speakers. It seems you have to use your masters RCA or XLR out to any powered speakers/monitors or just listen to what you are playing through thr VMS4's headphone jack.

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