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Hi there,

I recently bought a lifetime subscription for MYDMX3 and an extra add-on for 50 extra stand alone channels.

All works fine, exept for the stand alone function. With the devicemanager I am able to load a demo show into the unit and this works. Then, when I press "read" in the Stand Alone menu, it reads the demo show into the mydmx3 software. So far so good.

But when i want to write a show into the unit, it is not posible. The Write button (see attachement, first button with says "schrijven") is grayed and I cannot press it. I tryed several shows, also very small ones but the button stay's disabled. I use the november 2021 software version with an MYDMX3.0 device with latest firmware (1.02).

Does anyone has an idea how to fix this?

Best regard, Thom


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