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hi there

i do not follow this forum daily but since my last post already a few days have gone by. well doesnt anyone have similar problems with the PS2 with the effect settings and the hold button? if it is my machine only than ok but if more people have this problem it would be nice to hear what one can do about it. i have both PS 1 and PS2 and i love them and bring them for every DJ gig.
but the effect settings via hold button are not really satisfiying or are there any tricks that i dont know.

so please if someone has experience with this behavior of PS2 tell me.

thanks in advance

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Hello Hanks, I'm sure if you know but the Hold for the effects does not work for the PS2s like they do on the PS1s. Sorry I don't mean to patronise but have you fully read the manual for the PS2? To switch between effects on the PS2 you need to hit the effects changer button to toggle between the green and the red effects (top and bottom). The hold feature only works for one button, the scratch button to switch between normal scratch mode and the beat juggle mode. I hope this makes sense.

ROQ out.
hi there

thanks for your answer. well i have read the manual very carefully but can you explain this:

page 29 " use the hold button to lock your parameters". that means you should be able to lock your different settings of the effex. (and by the way also the parameters of the samples))) thats the whole point of effect settings anyway. but it doesnt work. thats what i meant. sometimes it works sometimes not. i just wanted to know if other users encountered the
same behavior....of the PS2 or if i do something strange.....
and the hold function for scratch to change between the different modes of scratching i havent found in the manual..??
cheers hansk
If you are talking about "beat juggle" versus regular scratching, then here is how you do it:

For normal scratching, Press "Scratch" button once and let go quickly. It should light up green.

For Beat Juggle, press and hold "Scratch" button for 5-6 seconds. Let go. It should be flashing green now. That indicates beat juggle mode. Once in there, you can use the P.S.P. buttons to change to different preset effect modes.

Hope it helps.
Everybody chill....!!!

I get it now, sorry for the mis-communication, but Hansk is talking about the Big Blue HOLD button in the middle of the effects buttons.

To tell you the truth I've never had a need to use that feature mainly because the PSP defaults on their own are pretty good. So I don't have an answer to your question. Does anyone.....?

ROQ out.
ok guys

that clears a little bit up. i knew already the different settings for the scratch button . so if you want to have the touch sensitive wheel you have to light it up flashing. ok works great figured that out almost ten months after i bought the PS2 but what the heck...
about the hold button - funny that other people also dont use it very often. it seems the default PSP settings are ok for most people. but really the point of altering your settings and storing them would be nice especially if it works all the time as desired....maybe in the next revision PS3....
greets hansk
Billabong I know you are cool man, I was referring to someone else.....

Just to add to my last comment I found that trying to make precision changes in the effects was too time consuming to be effective especially when on the job and mixing it up live. That's why the defaults in the PSP are so beautiful.

But I agree it would be nice to be able to save our own effect settings once we found one that sounded good for future use, perhaps an oversight in the design?

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