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Okay so ADJ has so many awesome lighting effects...but you have to buy efects individually in order to have a variety of effects. So now its time to combine! My idea...a brand new series of Intelligent Moving Luminaires. The "Fantasia" series, where all of your lighting fantasies come true. The "Fantasia" combines a moving luminaire with an emerald/ruby sync type laser (effect and pattern wise). The "Fantasia" has all of the standard laser colors built into one (red, green, blue, gold)...however has all of the patterns and capabilities of all of adj's lasers combines (witht the exception of the octo beam). The "Fantasia" has all of the beam effects and pans and sweeps you could dream of...all controlled and programmed via dmx controller. Or use the built in programs and cycles in master slave/sound active mode. The newest addition to the Mobile DJ/Club is here!
Let me know what you think!
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Originally posted by DJ Stevie Ray:
[qb] Amp,
Good idea, but how about expanding that past just lasers to include, Vertigo/star ball effects and such. I like your ideal though. [/qb]
Hey thanks! I didnt think of that. That would be neat combining some other the enturion, or vertigo. Cool..! Freestyle is right the cost would be...let's say, not cheap! I have a feeling this effect would be mostly primarily used in clubs and on big events like concerts and large theatrical productions. But there is always the possibility of somthing likea concept 2 (somehting already witht a laser) being transformed into a moving yoke effect. The possibilities are endless. If you will is no dream!!
-AMP Big Grin

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