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I sold all of my old lights and am looking to purchase a new 18 light show soon... however, right now I need 6 lights for a small show I'm doing mid March... We do mostly weddings and I want all lights to be DMX, LED and from ADJ... The lights should be able to stand up to less than ideal conditions (no fog and sometimes brighter rooms than we'd like to see)... I already have 2 Profile Panels that I use alot... great lights.... I include one "free" with every entertainment package... they will make up 2 of the 6 lights...

I need to purchase 4 more... I was thinking of 2 center pieces... for these I was thinking the Galaxian 3D laser and either a Hyper Gem or Jellydome... that's 4...

For the other 2 lights, I was thinking of getting 2 Hyper Gem's, Revo 4's or Fusion Tri FX's.... what do you think?... any thoughts or other suggestions?...
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Well, despite not having one, I'm a fan of the Revo 4, which I think should be a classic and must-have fixture.

I can't comment on the rest. There's been some recent discussion with the Fusion Tri FX, which lost some favor for not having sound active in DMX mode, which turned out to be a big negative for the guy really into getting that light.

I also agree that getting a laser would be cool. I have a DJ friend who wants me to get one, but I'm just not into the club thing. I told him to get me 10 bookings in clubs doing sound and I'll re-think it. No bookings, go figure.

However, less than ideal conditions and you're talking about Profile Panels? Well, wash lights in general, yeah, you can almost never go wrong. The Revo, without fog, they look kinda silly. Lasers paint the ceiling nice, but with fog really come to life. Same with the rest you memtion. You really want SOME fog or haze, and definately relatively darkened environments.

With my inventory, my high-tech FX scanner-type lights are just silly without fog or haze, and unless the room is dark, they just get lost. With my others, it depends. The Mystic not aiming at a wall or floor area directly gets lost and looks stupid, same with the vertigo, unless they have fog. My Sunray III can sort of stand on its own but really pops with fog or haze. My Double Twist and Trilogy are really useless without fog or haze because of the dancing beams.

I don't include anything free anymore. I record all my shows free, but media copies are available as a sepparate item. I find when I was giving "Free", I was getting taken advantage of. "well, why not give me all this then...". Yeah, it got old fast. They expect it only takes 10 minutes to set up a full concert system. Sorry, takes a bit longer!
hey tommy

i own revo4, 2x revo rave, galaxian 3d
like em all

was looking to get 2x Fusion Tri FX, looks like lots of bang for buck

they dont do sound active in DMX
so if you're into DMX, and sound active is important , hhhmmm
of course you can put them on sound active with UC3 or manually, go figure :-)

i was also thinking the HyperGem as a backsplash,
man it looks like the Revo4 on steroids
and surprisingly is CHEAPER than Revo4

Galaxian 3D is nice, even without fog, it puts lots of light on ceilings and walls

you may wanna wait a bit
LOTS of new lasers coming out, RGB lasers too

i was also thinking of getting 2x mega panels (as they are way brighter than your profiles) :-)

it's either mega panels or fusion tri FX, well see

good luck
Interesting about the Fusion Tri FX... I'll have to weigh that out... I'm not into DMX yet but when I put my 18 light show together, I guess I'll have to... The profile panels are great... they are really bright!!!... Sometimes too bright when I use the 2 of them... I would not want something brighter than they are... regarding the Galazian 3D, I'm glad to hear that you have one and like it... I did hear that ADJ is coming out with an RGB Laser in a month or so called the Royal Sky... maybe I'll wait for it and get something else in the meantime... I was thinking of 2 Jellydomes because they can be a nice "starball effect" during slow songs... they are RGBW so can also pull double duty as a nice effect during faster songs too...
If you're running lots of lights, you definately want and need DMX control.

I don't see "18 light show" being a marketable term, but hey, whatever. I just did a quick count on my show and it turns out I use 29 lights and 2 atmospherics. It's just what I need to get the job done. That number will grow by at least 19 more as I add in new lights. Might jump another 4 more. Maybe another 4 on top of that!

And I got 32 par 38s, I didn't count in, as well as 10 other high-tech FX lights.

If you're already whining about how bright the Profile Panels are, you're gonna have a heart attack when you see how much the Mega Panels put out!! But in all seriousness, because I have 4 Mega Panels already and am planning to get 4 Profile Panels, it's good to see comments like that.
Since you have color wash. I would do the following....
2-Revo 4
Revo 3
This would give you excellent coverage, and it exactly what I was going to buy for my light show, but I made the jump right to moving heads.

The company I used to work for had t-Bars with 4 LED par 36's? across the bottom, and then Revo-4, Revo 3 (Pointed at the ceiling), Tri-Phase, Revo-4.

Aim both Revo-4's at the floor and try to line them up to cover the floor side by side, it looks awesome.
Stevie Ray: Thank you for the great suggestions... I like your idea about using the Quad-phase (the Tri-Phase is discontinued)... I'll use it as one of my center pieces instead of the Jellydome... the Revo 4's on each side is another great idea... that's a definite... ADJ discontinued the Revo 3 but I can get the Hyper Gem instead... I could get the Revo Burst (or Rave) but the Hyper Gem might be a nicer fit with the Revo 4

You said the company you used to work for had The t-Bars with 4 LED par 36's... I am going to do 2 sets of those for the bigger light show I am putting together... I like that idea...

The Profile Panels I currently have for a wash are perfect for my needs... if I was using them for a band wash, we might need more but we are a DJ company and anything brighter than that would be too much... I really like them... all of our entertainment packages come with 1 free light... I put it on the floor in front of the booth and let it go through it's patterns to the beat of the music... it lights up the floor nicely...

The only thing I really wanted that you didn't mention was a laser.... I like the Galaxian 3D... However, like Musiclee and I said, ADJ is coming out with an RGB Laser called the Royal Sky soon... I'll wait to see how it looks and compares to the 3D and buy the one I like...

I was also going to get a couple Mega Bar 50's for uplighting and back wall washes... but I've been reading a little about the new remote controled units and how the slave can react to the remote... now I'm not so sure... they discontinued the wired units... If the RC units had a UC3 input so it can be used without the remotes, that would have solved the problem... otherwise you'd have to run them DMX to get around that I guess... I like the idea that they are remote controlled though... I might get 2 anyway to use as our stand alone free light... no wires to hook up... nice, quick and clean... (do you know if you have to be standing in front of Meg Bar 50's pointing the remote directly at the light for it to work or can you be behind it? I would love to know the answer to that)

So here is what I have so far for the small 6 light show.... 1) Hyper Gem, 2) Profile Panels, 2) Revo 4's, 1) Quad Phase or a Laser to be named later....

Thanks for the input and practical suggestions...
We do not give away lights, we include one "free" light with every entertainment package"

First and foremost we are an entertainment company, not a lighting company... we offer many different entertainment packages to our clients... as a bonus we INCLUDE 1 multi-color light with each package we offer... we bundle it into the price...

In this economy, many of our clients are not buying our small, medium or large light shows so we INCLUDE one just to give the dancers a little something on the dance-floor... it's better than nothing, doesn't cost much to bring and certainly doesn't take much effort to set up... however, the results are well worth it and the clients are happy...

I hope that answers your question

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