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Hi everyone.

I recently needed to switch to a new macbook air (2020) with the M1 chip and it's been amazing so far with all of my software. Except myDMX 3 of course. The performance has been super buggy and downright disastrous. Once receiving midi from the IAC-driver through Logic Pro the program just freezes or downright crashes, it has problems processing the midi data, it lags behind etc. I attached a video where you can see the problem happening in real time.

I never had these problems on an intel mac and even a hackintosh running Mojave and there's no midi-feedback either (I double-checked). Ever since I switched to my new Big Sur laptop, the problems arose. And I unfortunately can't switch to another laptop at the moment. I've also seen other users running Big Sur and Catalina .

I fear that MyDMX 3 needs native M1 support or at least a huge bugfix to support the newer OS. Is there any news of it ever happening?


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