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hi all!

I read in the regulations about the email address for technical support but
I am trying to find a solution on the forum

devices purchased in April 2022: 3 pieces Focus 5z, 2 pieces ADJ JOLT 300 ,
1 piece myDmx3 with license , 1 pice ADJ Entour Faze ,laptop with win10 /
64- i7.

I programmed the devices that worked correctly until this day. I programmed
jolts, 5z and 8 pieces LED PAR, I use Entour with the remote control.

I set 5z on the extended version 26 channels: dmx addresses 1 , 27 and 53

today, the 3 pieces 5z , when they start to move, turn off their led lamp
even if the fader shows me shutter ON and dimmer ON to the maximum. if I
pause and remain in a fixed position ,step from the programmed movements,
the LED lights up. this also happens if I try to make a new scene. I give
them a fixed position with shutter on and dimmer on then when I move tilt fader , the light instantly goes out until it reaches a fixed position. everything
happens at all 3 with different addresses. in the software, on the 3d image
it shows me that it LED ON when they move, as well as at the bottom right where I see the square icons.
I noticed other changes to the software ,  does not open at the last show used and always asks me if I save or not, on both laptops with the same interface . the software opens like a new page in remote mode, when I change from one scene to another some devices remain active and are not part of the selected
scene. the interface does not respond correctly to software commands.there
are differences between the software commands and their execution by the

what I've done so far:
-I replaced the USB cable - no change
-I uninstalled the software, deleted files and drivers and then reinstalled
- no change
-I downloaded the show from the cloud, to make sure the file is not
corrupted - no change
-I opened other simple shows from the days when I was learning the software
- at this moment, from so much chaos, the software no longer recognized the
interface .it shows me the message no hardware, the device was ER- I
uninstalled and reinstalled

when I wanted to give up I did something and everything came back:
I opened the interface settings " hardware manager"  where I selected "diagnostic"  and then in the "text report"  a line contained the word "error" network check, clock check, Restore Factory Settings, firmware update and from the "stand alone" tab I clicked erease show.
seeing that everything returned to normal as before, I opened the last show
created one night before, and then the problem reappeared.
I repeated the thing with the driver and factory reset and this time
something strange happens. only the 5z with address 27 returns to normal, 1
and 53 remain LED off when performing moves. i change 1 and 53 to 27 addres, to work in parallel, only original 27 lights up, the rest goes
out when performing moves ( LED OFF ).
and here STOP .... I lost a whole day with all this madness. I don't know
what else to do with them.

I didn't make videos, if necessary, I have time for them on Sunday

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