MyDMX 2.0 is compatible with Mac OSx...
10.6 (snow leopard) - Currently
10.7 (lion) - Currently
10.8 (mountain lion) - Currently

MyDMX 2.0 is NOT compatible with Mac OSx...
10.4 (tiger)
10.5 (leopard)
and other older versions of Mac OS
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I bought a new MBP with Mavericks and MYDMX 2.0 is acting "funny". The scan library window is empty. (no lights to choose) and when I try to import manually, it says "unable to import selected library". In the editor section, it doesn't show dmx macros and other things (just all black, blank instead of macros etc). I wonder if this is an issue with 10.9
I have an issue with my mac ever since installing mydmx2.1. The Mac is 10.7.5 and can (suposedly) run the 2.1 software however the MyDMX2.1 dongle/box is not recognised by the Mac therefore the 2.1 software boots up in demo mode and cannot be used for the purpose of triggering a light show. I am at my wits end with it because under 2.0 everything worked perfectly. now it doesn't. I have unistalled 2.0 to see if that was the issue but no it still does not work.
I have a show tomorrow night which I will trigger from a laptop which I wanted to avoid.

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