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I had to do a low budget thing and I bought 12 of these cans. They are being delivered tomorrow.


I need to add them to myDMX. I don't think the profile is in the library (PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG).

Any help you can offer would be greatly apprecaited...if and when I can get the profile, I'm not even sure what I do with it.

Thanks in advance...please be nice, I'm a nice guy :-)

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Mick, I got some temporarily bad news for you.

First, I can't find the web site for the company that makes these.

Second, if I could find the company web site, the possibility exists that there might be a manual for download that details the DMX traits.

Third, and this is where the news turns to good: if you can find the web site and a manual, OR you get a manual when the lights arrive, you might want to scan and post the images that detail the DMX traits for these lights. Once that's done, you can add this new custom profile into MyDMX, bring it into your universe and start programming your lights away.

The bad thing is that if you're short on time, I don't know what Jingles' work load is, so he might not be available to make a profile for you. I know I don't have time to make profiles.

Adding profiles is easy. Make an LE Lighting directory in the Scan Library directory. Put your profile in there. If you're in MyDMX, restart it(exit and re-launch), then you can add these fixtures to your universe same as you've added anything else to your universe.

I have a concern about those lights.

They appear to be a no-name brand, and most likely made in China. The odds are rather good that China stole them from someone they were making them for anyways(as in: thanks for all the information, we'll go make our own now). I question quality and support because when left on their own to do things, the Chinese will use parts that while are up to spec, are not the same quality of the parts the company hiring the work would have used. The Chinese will typically use LOWER quality parts to drive the price further down.

Trust me, I got insight like mad into the Asian mindset.

Chances are, these are actually something else re-branded and using lower quality parts. I'm not trying to PUSH the ADJ product line. I do know that most ADJ fixtures are in fact made in China, and honestly, so is most of what everyone else has too. But when the Chinese steal from their non-Chinese employers(how do you think the Chinese got their space program? They stole stuff from the United States, that's how), they tend to do what they can to destroy prices and undercut to make sales.

Let's look at some other stuff. ADJ makes the Mega Panel. Chauvet makes a essentially the same product, but at a street price of about $80 less. Now, for my purposes, the Chauvet fixture does what I need it to do. But, looking at the DMX traits, I can see that Chauvet is able to offer a lower price by having fewer features, so the DMX chipset isn't as expensive and that's where the cost difference comes in. So, in those regards, I'm glad I stuck with ADJ products mainly so I have more options available, although honestly, I'm probably never going to use them.

Comparing the ADJ LED cans to the Guitar Center brand of "Venue" lighting offerings, I see a lower price on nearly identical fixtures. Well, there has to be a difference in price for a reason. That's all I'm going to say.

I'm not going to sit here and say "buy ADJ", because sometimes ADJ just doesn't have what you're looking for, and that's fine. My warning comes from experience. Buying a QUALITY fixture cheap is a great deal. Buying CHEAP fixtures may appear to be a great deal, but in the end, when you gotta replace them, how good a deal was it then? My thoughts to you, Mick, are that I hope that regardless of what you bought and what you spent, it lasts you a GOOD long time.

And let me also say this:
You're gonna LOVE the 3D Visualizer in MyDMX. You can really design your whole show without needing to plug in a single light. While perfection isn't possible, you can get really really close. Like, in my case, I can't do mover points exact until I get to the venue, but I can get close in my design and fix it at the event. You'll be able to see your washes and your transitions and see if you like it or not, and if not, tweak it until you do or trash that scene and start over if you want to.

Since you're talking wash only lights, don't get fixated on being limited to washes. MyDMX has this cool FX generator that you can do patterns with your lights. Think a rainbow movement, or maybe marching, or on/off patterns, sine wave stuff, a "knight rider" type thing. You've got a fantastic tool box full of wonderful toys in there to play with, and you just get more things to play with when you add more different lights into your inventory.
Thank you both very much...

I completely understand that they are cheap and I'm hopeful that they will hold out for a while. I explained some of this when the decision was made to go with the cheaper cans. Quite simply, there wasn't enough money to buy the cans that I would have liked to have bought.

I am hopeful that the lights will come with paperwork that shows the traits. I'll get that to you as quickly as possible. I really appreciate the help!

You both are wonderful!!

A bit of advise, regardless of the lights:

Get some cases or bags to carry them around in. It helps them last a LOT longer. DO that as soon as funds become available.

For me, I prefer to hold out until I have cash in hand to get the gear I want. But that's just how I do it. If it's too expensive, I just wait longer. It could go on sale or I could have the cash saved up by then.
Thanks again...I appreciate the advice.

When the opportunity presents, I will sell these and replace them with American DJ products...I'm told the company is "Lighting". They are being sold by just about everybody, yet nobody has information on them. One person told me he thought the parent company was "Duval LLC - Domestic"?

So far, I have been unsuccesful in finding the DMX Traits. I sure hope something comes with the lights or I guess they will likely have to go back to the dealer.

I guess I can say I'm nervous now Smiler

no no. If there is at least something that says how many channels they are you can enter in that many generic profiles from the generic folder and go through it value by value and channel by channel and write it down and let us know and I can make a profile based off what YOU found out it does. ok? Either way you WILL be able to control these with my dmx.
That's totally true. With or without a profile, you CAN control these lights in MyDMX.

With a Profile, you can do a lot more. Profiles make the lights not only more friendly to us humans, but allows the software to allow advanced functions.

There should be a manual. With 12 lights, you should get at least 1 manual!
Your post caught my eye because my niece bought some of these Pars and MyDMX to use with her dance studio review. Being the "electronic guy" in the family I was recruited to put the light show together. I have found all profiles needed except for these par lights. I have the manual for the light (if you can call it that). Did you ever get a profile? Did Jingles write it? Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the quick response. The light is the same cheap, no name brand as mentioned at the start of this thread. I don't have the so called manual with me (I'm not home at the moment) but I remember a chart of some kind. It shows the 7 channel assignments. Would this help? I tried writing the profile myself but ran into all sorts of problems. Thanks.
Hey ya'll...I was the one that started this and I have to be honest. After I got so much help here, we still had issues with these lights. I think we probably would have gotten the profile figured out, but they also have a very loud fan in each fixture. From a performance standpoint, I thought it would be way too loud...especially with 12 of them. I actaully returned them and got a refund. I went with a different brand and they've been great. I wish you luck and James and Chris are so helpful...I really was impressed by their generosity! Thanks guys!!!
I tried that profile yesterday. The channels were in the wrong order. I tried to edit the channel order in scan library editor but I wasn't very successful. when I try to "save as" and try to open the file in editor again I get a "bad .ssl format" error. I really got frustrated with the editor and figured I would try to find a profile or maybe ask you to make one for me. Is this possible to do if I can get the channel parameters for you?

Thanks again.
Hi Jingles
I am another with the cheap lights that Musicians Friend is selling. I downloaded the older profile
editor and still did not have any luck. The logo
on these Par 64 LED is VRI ! I could not get info any where on these. I understand that there is a learning curve and I do follow instructions good.
I did not see any threads concerning these cans
recently. I hope that you get time soon to do a profile for these generic cans as I know that your a very busy Guy. Holla back soon Bro / thanks Michael
my Primary E-mail is

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