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0445B57E-3E63-4A97-B005-972E8736DF949D0D56EE-4839-4B2A-A63D-58C651A3E18DE90F19DE-6A5C-428A-8B4E-B521A9D47261I’m wanting a foot controller that I can trigger scenes with on MyDMX 3.0 that I run on a Mac. I currently trigger scenes on the Mac itself which is difficult and limiting while playing an instrument in my band.

I’ve already read the posts that talk about MIDI controllers being installed as MIDI devices and not audio devices.  I’d like something rugged and simple assignable switches for triggering scenes.

Does anyone have a foot controller that’s proven to work with MyDMX or know of a foot controller that will install as a MIDI device (not audio)?  I was looking at the Rocktron MIDI Raider, VooDoo Lab Ground Control Pro or the PEAK Programmable MIDI Foot Controller.  I’m not sure if any of these are installed audio or MIDI devices.  Also not sure if I’ll need a midi interface to be able to plug them into the Mac.  Does anyone know if these controllers will work with MyDMX?


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  • 0445B57E-3E63-4A97-B005-972E8736DF94
  • 9D0D56EE-4839-4B2A-A63D-58C651A3E18D
  • E90F19DE-6A5C-428A-8B4E-B521A9D47261
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