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I'm just wondering if MYDMX can send out a DMX signal to trigger the Enttec DMX USB PRO controller to fire my X-Laser ?
I just need a activation signal through one of the DMX cables to trigger my animation laser show.
I am running 2 mac book pro's, one for MYDMX and the other is just for my laser and the Pangolin Quick Show software. All I need is MYDMX to treat this Enttec controller as fixture ? I think...
That's what I need help with. Thank you for any input
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Hi DJ Matty, do you have a My DMX dongle? If not then there is no way that the my dmx program will accept the enttec device, my dmx is designed to ONLY work with our proprietary software.
IF you had a my dmx dongle i would imagine you could go out from the my dmx dongle to the dmx input on the enttec.

but the way this reads to me is that QS will be handling the DMX from it's software, not any other program. Perhaps you are confused?
Thank you for the quick response, yes I may be confused because I do not have the QS or Enttec stuff yet, it's on order.
I'm just trying to figure out if this QS and Enttec setup can be triggered by MYDMX.

Yes I do have the MYDMX 2.0 dongle. The way I've been reading things it sounds like I just feed a DMX cable off one of my lights to this Enttec controller and then it cues the QS software to fire the laser.
The QS software and Enttec controller and one of my laptops and my X-laser will basically be all one unit (like a fixture) I'm hoping that feeding a DMX cable from the MYDMX dongle into the Enttec dongle would cue/trigger QS software to fire my laser show.
So yes the QS software handles its DMX by assigning DMX values to a laser show I create.
I'm just trying to trigger the laser through MYDMX
to streamline everything rather than activating a show on one laptop via MYDMX then having to transition over to the other laptop and activating the laser show.
I hope all this makes sense....
Here is the reply i got from Pangolin.

Hey James,

Thank you for your email.

I must admit, I think it will be easier if I respond to you directly as opposed to joining a forum as from what I read, this connectivity issue will be between the MyDMX software and the ENTTEC DMX USB Pro interface (which we do not manufacture). If your software is configured to communicate with the ENTTEC unit and then we find there is then an issue communicating with QuickShow, we can try another avenue of support (possibly moving the conversation over to our support forum).

Have you contacted ENTTEC to work with their developers to configure your software to work with the ENTTEC unit or is this really a situation where the Forum poster needs to buy one of your DMX Dongles? Now that I contemplate this for a minute, if the Poster wants to run My DMX and QuickShow on the same computer (or even two separate computers), two DMX to USB devices will be needed; one to go "from" MyDMX and one to go "to" QuickShow, obviously the two devices will need to be connected by a DMX cable. Even if My DMX connected to the ENTTEC, he would still need two ENTTECs to get the DMX signal back into the computer to get to QS. Purchasing the MyDMX Dongle might be his best option depending on the cost comparison with the ENTTEC.
I have the MYDMX dongle and the ENTTEC dongle. I assume from reading this it makes it sound like right out of my computer will be the MYDMX dongle then with a dmx cable feed out of the MYDMX to the Enttec, then out of the Enttec to other fixtures.
if that is the case I hope this can work. I have a couple more days to wait for the Pangolin software to arrive, then I can begin my testing.
Thank you for your help in all this. But if I can get all this to work I would hope others would find this a valuable tool.

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