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Hello I'm using a my dmx buddy to control my lights and I recently discovered that the live mode has a learn midi command.

So I took my laptop and figured out how to send midi from our daw to the mydmx 2.0 program and learn the midi command.  Although when I plug in the buddy it will no longer function and it will not longer receive any midi signals and the learn midi command will be grayed out. If I unplug the device the option appears again.

Is there a way to access the midi command while the my dmx device is plugged in?16657722490625025002009693914597


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  • 16657722490625025002009693914597
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That seems to be a 3rd party store that's trying to sell me what looks like a knock-off of the mydmx buddy. I bought mine through guitar center not this site.

Also I have tried everything but this site also won't allow me to register the product. It keeps saying it's a sushia1 not a buddy and that it needs a firmware update through a device manager that the site provides that won't do anything.

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