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I am needing some help with a multi-universe setup.  I currently use a Compu Cue basic controller but need to upgrade to a Compu Cue controller to add a second universe.

When I look at pictures of the controller, I only see 1 output port so my question is, how does one controller output multiple universes and how would my lights know which universe to respond to if I have 2 different lights on the same DMX channel?

I also use a wireless DMX transmitter with multiple receivers in my setup but, the devices are very minimal and do not allow universe selection.  I'm trying to work out all the changes I will need to make this work.

Can anyone offer me some advice?


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Hi, the Compu Cue Basic is a single universe interface, and the Compu Cue is a 2 universe interface, the 2nd output comes from the DMX input side that you plug a "gender bender" (3 pin male to 3 pin male) adapter and then set up in the settings that that output is now universe 1 or two.

But yes you can purchase another Cue basic for an additional one universe, they just will need to both be plugged in together for both universes to work.

In terms of the wireless if you need to send two universes wirelessly, then you will need a 2nd transmitter and set the receivers and the one transmitter to a different channel number/color or whatever you have.

Does this help?

also I am not sure where you are seeing 1,000 dollars for a Cue, but that sounds high. The cue should be advertised as no more than 799, the SDE is 1,199. All prices are Minimum advertised price, if you contact a dealer, you'll certainly pay a lower price than the numbers I posted.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank You, yes that helps a lot.

The pricing was on Amazon and general google searches, I was seeing starting prices ranging from 899.99 to just around $1000.  I'm ok with the idea of using 2 controllers in the short term.  I'm spending 5K on additional lights so if I can save money on the controller, that will help a lot.

As far as the transmitter and receivers go.  There is no manual pairing mode, they sync automatically.  I originally purchased 1 transmitter and 2 receivers but then brought another set a year later.  I only needed the additional 2 receivers and when I turned them on, they automatically paired with the original transmitter.  So if I had 2 going at the same time, I think I would get a lot of problems.  I think I will need to upgrade my wireless system too.

Thanks again for the help.

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