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Oh my goodness... this is such bad news. I have religiously backed up my show to google drive and I even tried a direct air drop from machine to machine. And my new Macbook refuses to open the dlm file. It says there is either a permission issue or the file is corrupt..

I am freaking out now... I have to give up my old machine because it is corporate. I sure hope someone here can help me fix my file. Starting over would be so hard. I have hundreds steps configured.

The next show is Dec 18th, please please please in advance to the DMX Gods on here. Can you help?

Thank you so much


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This is an M1 based Macbook Air. I installed the version of software you sent and it crashes on exit. Luis in support recommended I download and install the version from 5/25/21 - I was able to update the controller firmware and load the show!!

Thank you so so very much for your help!

For the reference of the masses:

MAC OS Monterey ver 12.0.1

ADJ My DMX 2.1 ver 1.12.12-2710

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