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I am programming a show with a Entertainment Technologies Marquee Lighting Desk and American DJ Mighty Scans. The board does not come with profiles installed for Mighty Scans. I can't seem to find profiles for download on the American DJ website, nor anywhere else one the web. Do I need to create a profile from scratch? If so, I am new to this and would love a word or two of advise. Thanks
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hey squash! welcome to the forums man. i am a MN native, glad to have someone from around my home here. umm i am unfamiliar with ur desk so im not really sure what advise i can give you. how do u create profiles for other fixtures on that desk? can u link me to a website so i can check it out? i kno u can download profiles for adj and elation stuff but i think it is mainly for the showdesigner series. send me a link and i will see what i can do. peace! jingles. welcome!
I've seen consoles that use profiles for specific lighting fixtures. These tend to be expensive boards and the lights with profiles tend to also be expensive fixtures. Hey, that's good.

But, ANY fixture can be programmed without needing a profile. Read your manual, map your channels, hook it all up and start programming.

I don't see ADJ making profiles for their fixtures(at this point in time). I'm sure with a little work and reading, you can make your own suitable for usage with your console. Best bet would be to just make your own. Read your console manual to learn how to create that.
Maybe they have a forum where you can send profile requests - I know the light jockey forum is pretty good about making profiles for people super fast.

Nothing like using a console that cost at least $10k to run a set of mighty scans.

See if there is any profiles for the DJ scan, pocket scan, or maxx.

I think I remember playing around with a hog 500 a few years back and seeing a profile for a GLP mighty scan in their fixture profile list. Pretty funny.

I think most large consoles have the ability to manually create a profile. You just have to know that channel fixture is the pan, three is speed, etc. The console should at least have a "generic 8 channel DMX device" that you can make work for you short term - then maybe make a new profile for your scanners.

I have no room to talk. I had to create a profile for 4 small led cans with an ETC Expression console with a WYSIWYG plug in. $20k of console to run 4 $140 LED cans.
I got you beat by a LONG shot:

$250K(yes, quarter million) system. They made me drag out full lights, monitors, mains, the big console, sub consoles, recording, backline, cameras, basically everything. Turned out in the end, what they wanted was karaoke after all was said and done.

AND, they decided they didn't want it. This, after the event was set up. Thank goodness for contracts! They paid. Didn't want to but they paid. Didn't even get a chance to take photos.

It's amazing what we in entertainment do to get the job done. And if it takes a $20K console to run some cheap parCans, we'll do it. If it takes a 76-input console to run 2 microphone, we'll do it.

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