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Hi there. I just picked up a Mighty Scan, but its seems to reset to a different gobo each time the unit is powered off then on again. Ie. one time it will reset to the star pattern, the next time to the "open" position, etc. Its totally random! The issue here is that its impossible to program this fixture to go with the rest of my mighty scans. The color wheel seems to be unaffected. I've rechecked the dipswitch settings and they're correct.

One other sidenote, that I'd appreciate a comment on-it seems that this particular scanner had its gobo wheel replaced at some time in the past-apparently the max and the mighty scan "share" the same gobo wheel, but in fact this unit's wheel has a different order to the gobos than the rest of my mighty's, and also has one gobo thats totally different than the others. I've only noticed this since ADJ has a close up of the replacement (max) wheel that they sell on their parts web site. Any ideas?

Thanks so much!
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Hi there...just figured out my own problem. I risked certain embarrasment and ripped the light fixture apart and found that the stepper motor was missing a single screw that effectively stops the gobo wheel at a certain point on start once I replaced the missing screw, the light fired up and worked perfectly. Hope this may help someone else with a like problem.

It appears that you're experiencing some issues with your Mighty Scan fixture, specifically with the gobo resetting randomly and the discrepancy in the gobo wheel order.
Firmware update: Check if there are any available firmware updates for your Mighty Scan fixture. Manufacturers often release firmware updates to address known issues and improve the functionality of their products. Visit the manufacturer's website or contact their customer support for more information on firmware updates. pge outage map

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