Hi guys, I was using some DMX softwares before, so I am not totally dumb about DMX

my problem is about MIDI for MyDMX 3.0

I am using iMac 27, i3, 16GB, 512MB VGA, Novation Launchpad, MyDMX 3 box, so probably that is enough configuration to make MyDMX 3.0 work perfectly.

Everything is plugged in, dmx box, midi controller, and I wanna allow that midi in preferences, where I can see it in the list, but I cant thick it for allow. I can allow it only when I unplug the dmx box, then I can make any operations with that in the software, but when I plug the box back, midi stop working, no signal, no reaction, nothing. I tried to update the firmware of the box by "hardware manager" it says 0.03 version from 2018-01-25 and of course the MyDMX 3.0 software is the latest 2018-08-02.

Do you have any ideas guys? Please help me

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Ok, I got it... I thought that software what I can just simply download from this website and activate my dmx box is enough, I have to buy a FULL version to make everything work...anyway its really sucks, normally the full software comes with the hardware and you don't have to pay any more for some additional things, but at least its working.

Well, if it isn't something permanent. And you just want to try something out. You can activate a trial version of the full software on the website. It's only valid for 30 days, but most of the time, its enough time to figure everything out. After that, it just return to the free version.

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Sander te Winkel

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