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Hi all I am currently running my lights how through my MAC and MyDMX 2.0 which is fine. I have assigned a midi controller to also run the lights, which worked fine, but would really like to run from a midi track to trigger scene changes. Only posts I can find are old and not applicable to My Dmx 2.0 and use different bits of software.

Can anyone give me a current steer on

Is it do-able?
What software am I best using or should I be using an external midi component?

Best regards

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Hi Andy, using a free MIDI driver like LoopBE you can use a program like Cakewalk and communicate between cakewalk and MyDMX 2.0 to trigger lighting cues. You'd assign a midi track in cakewalk, then your audio track, then assign triggers in the midi track for midi data, and then you need to play the midi data while MyDMX 2.0 listens for it.
Make sense?

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