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Why is it after I set up all my MIDI commands for an external keyboard (Korg NanoKontrol), and everything works perfectly... when I SAVE it... it still works perfectly.... when i close/reopen MyDMX and OPEN my saved file... everything is messed up?

Basically whatever I assign to the first channel gets applied to ALL the channels that i set a MIDI command to.

It's just SHOCKING!! How can ADJ let this software go out? It completely doesn't work! So many bugs, I've never seen software like it before.

Sorry guys but you've really let ADJ down with this.

Wish I'd done my research before buying.


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Update 4... For the problem with the software freezing on the user page when I press a MIDI key. It's as if the software is receiving lots of keystrokes. You can see the title bar of the application flashing away. Eventually after about 30 seconds it comes back to life and the new scene is highlighted.

I've tried various attack and release delays on the midi application. It's set to 0 and 0 now but nothing i set helps
strike my memory with your set up are on a PC correct? i am working on the PC here at my desk with our MidiCon running multiple scenes using faders, flash buttons, scene buttons....for the life of me, i can not get MyDmx 2.0 to crash the way you are describing. IF you are on a Mac, ill switch over to my mac and try again...but if your on your PC and are running the 3Aug revision...which is what i am on starting to think maybe there is an issue with your midi... I am able to save shows with midi and reopen it with no issues in midi assignments.... the only difference in our set ups would be your Midi controller let me know what your set up is again so i can make sure im doing exactly as you are. Thanks again Matt
Update to my previous post: we was able to re-create the issues you are having using a different midi controller. It is interesting that it works for some midicon and not others....i will get this issue resolved as soon as i can. However, it will mostlikely will be released in the next update in a few weeks. Again, sorry for the issues you are having with the software, we are getting it fixed as fast as we can.
Confirm from my many updates before for you. 2 issues...

1) Reopening a saved file (even a brand new one) assigns all channels to the same MIDI command that was set for channel 1 when saving. Channels that had no midi assignment stay with no midi assignment. Only affects the channels which had assignments.

2) The User page - MyDMX hangs completely when you switch scenes using MIDI. If you wait a while then it comes back to life but not always.

Not sure if both are related the the hardware. Seems like 2 completely different issues. Saving files is no problem it's only when you open them again that all the assignments are lost (or replaced with the assignment that was channel 1's... so every channel moves when you use that midi command)


I recently purchased the Korg NanoKontrol to run with MYDMX2.0 on a brand new Mac. It works GREAT. However I ran into the same issue. I can easily assign midi control over the faders, knobs and all the buttons. But the software doesn't save the midi commands. When you close and reopen the software and move one of the faders, the software freezes and doesn't usually return.

I use this for my church. So there is a particular scene that I've created for the sermon. This scene is holding the same position for a good 25 minutes. During the first service, somewhere in that long scene, the software unexpectedly closed. Of course this is an issue because when you reopen it goes back to the first scene in the list. Also, once you reopen, midi control is gone.

I ran the same thing for second service without the midi controller, not a single problem.

The controller works AWESOME as long as you're continuously using it. But it seems like it times out almost causing the software to crash. For the time being I returned mine, will buy it again once that ADJ/Elation confirmed the problem is solved.

Thanks for all the great work that you guys are doing trying to fix every issue that comes your way. You're doing a great job. You make it easy to sell your products as well at our shop in Minneapolis.
Cool - I'd love to see a church filled with lasers and strobe lights :-D Then I'd definitely go at weekend. Do you have hard dance music also? :-D

BTW mine crashes the software when I DO use it. Not when I'm not doing anything. Weird! Oh and the sliders don't crash it - only buttons assigned to the scenes on the user page. The sliders problem is only with opening a saved file - all assignments are lost.

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