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We have eleven Mega Tripar lights that will set to a program and work fine until without warning they have all reset themselves to a  mode that is not responsive to our controller.  They will reset manually, but It's inconvenient as the lights are 20 feet off the ground.  Could a power surge cause this?    Thanks.

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Would the fixtures be more stable in their programming if we left the power on for them and just blacked them out with the controller?
I cannot find anyone else online that has experienced this particular problem, but it is very real for us, and it affects every fixture we have,   it  is difficult, tedious, and somewhat dangerous to have to go reset all these lights on the ceiling. Thanks for your help, and I hope we can come up with a permanent solution.

I would not recommend leaving them on so the way you currently have them set up is correctly. It is rather strange that multiple are having the same issue though. I would recommend to try taking one of the lights down to see if it is something that can be recreated with the single fixture just for testing. Thought might be something that only happens after sometime.

is it possible that an electrical power surge could cause the fixtures to reprogram? Is there any way that the controller could be sending a signal to the lights to reprogram? If someone was in the room using other lights that they had brought in with a remote could that possibly cause our lights to reprogram? If that is a possibility, is there a setting on these lights that would reject any signal from a remote? This is not a trivial issue, if we cannot depend on these lights to function properly, we will have to remove them. Thanks for your help, but we have to have these lights functioning properly.

I do not have any manual, nor could I find an exact one online.  I've ordered a ADJ LED remote, which I think is the one that works with this model, and hopefully we can use that to reprogram the fixtures from the ground. 

What do you think about the possibility of an electrical power surge that would change the programming?  If so, is there a surge protector that you would recommend?  Thanks.

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