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Hey Everybody,

Has anyone seen the Luna 4 in action? I heard it was really great and its a great light package for parties and dances.

I also wanted to know if anybody is selling any lights. I really want to buy the Luna 4 but I can't affored it really. I've got money, and if you leave the name of the light that your selling and the price you are asking for it and an E-mail address then I'll get back to you and see if I want to buy it. I'm REALLY LOOKING FOR THE LUNA 4 THOUGH!!!!!!!!

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i also own the Luna 4
it is a TIGHT effect!!
fills up tons of space with lots of action!
it needs to be pretty dark for them to be seen really well, i have those and the vertigo for a PHatty effect!
(if you r short on cash... get parcans and gels!)
also check ebay and your local classifieds!!
ill sell you 3 35watt strobes (black square) if you want them
2 have hanging brackets, the third needs one (i can make it for u)
real cheap!

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