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Help Please.

I Have Bought My DMX Go interface, i'Ve loaded fixture and it works. After few minutes of work my iPad lost connection and I can't see anymore interface in network. Restarting interface I can see it again but every time it happens again. Can anyone help me? Sorry for my English.

Thank you all

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Hi, you should always "forget" the network that HAS internet (the GOs Wifi network doesn't have internet) otherwise the GOs wifi will be dropped on an iPad in favor of a WIFI with an internet connection. This is just one step to try to take.
The other one is to plug the GO into hardware manager on a computer and change the WIFI channel in use to something else. This is why people will use wifi analyzer apps to determine the least clogged channel of wifi in their area and then go into hardware manager and change the GOs wifi channel to that channel that is not so used.
Hope this makes sense.

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