I've been using MyDMX 3.0 for about a year and a half now and for about the first year and a quarter it was just fine, it worked great. Now I'm having problems with the software loading. When It loads the intro screen stays up even after the program is loaded. 

Is anyone else having problems like this? If so what can I do to fix it. *Note: I've already downloaded the beta and reinstalled the software multiple times (Always the latest Update) Nothing I am doing works*

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi, you never said if you are using it on Mac or windows, so can you please go into more detail about the computer and OS you are using? did you recently install any updates? new programs etc?
I have a brand new Beta you can test with if you want, let me know.  

I've got the beta and I am running it on windows 10. The most recent update that I've installed is an update to windows itself and I've been running the latest MyDMX 3.0, until I got the beta. 

Does the same on the Mac too.  The loading screen often stays up.  When it doesn't, I select the first fixture and the whole thing crashes.

I'll give both a shot.  I do own and use Magnet.  However, I love Magnet and would certainly hope that ADJ could write software that doesn't conflict with other software.  

Installing the beta, quitting Magnet and running the beta allowed me to select my 1st fixture without crashing it!  I will continue to work with the application and see how everything works for me and my setup.  

It's disappointing if Magnet is a known, conflicting issue that an MyDMX3 update can't fix this known bug.

Ok, now I've installed the Beta version on my Macbook Pro with the latest/greatest OS, quit Magnet, and when I select any 1st fixture.... it CRASHES.  I need this fixed ASAP so I can program everything I need to for my upcoming show.  If this doesn't work on a brand-new Macbook Pro dependably, then it serves no purpose for me and I must return and find another solution from another company.  Please help ASAP

After rebooting the Macbook and ensuring that I closed all other applications possible, I've gotten it to work.  We'll see how this continues...

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