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So this may come off as a pretty stupid question but I'm still very new to stage lighting so I'm asking it anyway

I've been fooling around with MyDMX 3.0 for some time now and recently realised that it supports scene layering. I though that was pretty cool because it allowed me to have one group of scenes that controls the dimmers of the fixtures and one group that controls the colours.


Let's say I have 4 fixtures.

In one of the groups I have:

  • A scene where all the features have their dimmers opened

  • A scene where only the first and the third have their dimmers opened

  • One where only the second and the fourth have their dimmers opened

  • A scene where all the dimmers are opened and they do a fade out.

In the other group I have:

  • A scene where all the fixtures have they red turned to 255, but their dimmer is off

  • Identical scene for blue, green and any other colour

So this allowed me to engage one of the dimmer scenes and the select the desired colour without the need to create separate scenes for each possible colour-dimmer combination. So far so good.

But now my confusion comes... What happens if a fixture doesn't have a dimmer slider? A lot of the fixtures in the MyDMX 3.0 fixtures menu seem to be missing a dimmer and only have sliders for the individual colours. Is there a way to tell a fixture of this sort to turn on and off without specifying a colour or is my recent realisation just a waste and I'm f*cked back to just creating dozens of identical scenes with different colours? Is there a way of adding a sort of "virtual dimmer/shutter" to a fixture?

Any help would be appreciated

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