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Hi folks!

I did a lighting install for a primary school back in 2018, and fitted a MyDMX 3.0 system. All's been fine up until this week, when they've decided to upgrade their laptop. On the new machine, I downloaded and installed the software, but when I tried to run it there were two problems - it was complaining that the firmware was out of date, and also that there was no license. I (think) I've managed to update the firmware, but sorting out the license was more tricky. I thought I'd just have to type in the code on the little card that came with the interface, but it wants me to log into a website and do it on there, for which it needs an email address and a password. Trouble is this was 3 years ago, I don't know which email it was registered to, or what the password might be!

To add insult to injury, now that I've flashed the firmware, it no longer works with the original laptop either. Presumably I'll need to reinstall with the latest version of the software if I want the old laptop to keep working (always good to have a backup laptop!)... So now I have two computers, and currently neither one works!

If we can't find the original email and password that the box was registered to, can we just set up a new dmxsoft account and unlock it that way, or is that license irreversably tied to a particular email address? Hope somebody here knows, this license stuff boggles my head.


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Hi, so if you put the latest release on to the old laptop it will work, it was just the firmware that needed to be updated.

If you have the 6-digit SN that the MyDMX 3 interface shows when its plugged into Hardware manager, that is all we need to find the original account and email address. See the image attached for my example, but i marked over my SN of my personal box.
But feel free to email me the SN of your interface and i will send it to the web store guys and they can assist you from there. but i am sure once you are logged back in and synchronize, all will work. 


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Thanks for your reply!

Well that's good to know, was tearing my hair out with that earlier today haha. The laptop stays on-site at the school, so alas I can't do much until I'm there again in a few days, we ran out of time this afternoon waiting for that software to install, the installation is painfully slow when the clock is ticking and the caretaker is waiting to lock up. Will see what happens next time I'm up there, I may well be messaging you a S/N!


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