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During a demo I'd received from ADJ, I was told that the software would come with many objects to pull from when building my show in the 3D Visualizer however, I am not finding any objects in the library.

Where can I find these objects so I can build my light truss and environment I'll have my light shows in?
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on your 3D visualizer does it have a construction hard hat? if so click on it then click on the highlighted icon in the pic im attaching below. i assuming that this is al similar to the 3D in compu live.

ok so once u click that a window will open up scroll down through the options till u see truss. then from there u can select triangle truss box truss all sorts of stuff. again assuming it is similar to compu. i dont have the demo yet of MY DMX. sincerely, let me know i fu have any questions.
James, I located the directory where my ADJ myDMX is installed and found the directory that holds the Objects. For some reason, they did not import into the 3D Visualizer.

I am able to click on File >> Add Object and add Objects. It's lengthy doing it this way, but atleast I'm able to add them in the library now.

Is there an area in the software that will grab all the objects in the main folder and import them...or do I have to add them just as I pointed out above?

Thanks for your help.
gonzo was re reading your post and the reason mine had objects in it is cause i added objects for that stage, while your had no objects in it. if u hit the button i highlighted in the pic i uploaded a easy show library should open and from there you will be able to select different objects to add. let me know how its goin. sincerely,

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