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Hello, I have MY DMX2.0 (white box) My question is:
I would like to order mydmx2 trigger scenes with ableton live midi notes. I can assign the notes with my MIDI keyboard connected to my computer (MacBook Pro). In midi out of my ableton track I put "IAC". I would like my midi notes are recognized by "learn midi" in mydmx2.
Thank you for your reply. (Sorry for my english)
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(Here the driver (free) that enables communication Ableton / My DMX2.)

When you have instaled this driver, you're in Ableton / Preferences / Midi Sync. You chose Midi ports - output - IAC - (track "one") (sync "on").

you create a midi track. you choose IAC in output track.

In My DMX2 right click on a scene, afecte the midi notes with your keyboard (C, D, E, etc ...)

Ableton, register your midi notes on your track.
Now when you press play scenes switch


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