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There's a few things I've noticed, that could be faults.

Firstly, there's some sort of muffled thumping sound coming through the speakers. Sounds like someone hitting something way off in the distance. It's random, not regular.

Second, the master volume has no output below 9 o'c then it suddenly comes on.

The mic channels are pretty noisy, and there's a buzzing sound that pulses in time to the play button LED.

Using the cue button to stutter a track rapidly, the sound sometimes jumps around between the speakers.

Oh, and when I press the 3rd cue button, the 4th one comes on too, most of the time.

Aparat from that lot, it's OK.....
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The first batch of complaints, problems, glitches, etc are already coming in on various posts...
Its disappointing to have the VMS4 overly delayed and yet still have too many issues popping up.

But im glad im checking this forum and people are posting the issues. Looks like im not gonna pick up my preorder, just have it sent back. and wait a couple weeks....hopefully for the better batch of VMS4 to roll out the factory.
Here are my complaints.

(Used Windows 7 32 and 64bit, same problems)

Can't get it to work with neither VDJ nor Traktor Scratch Pro.

VDJ receives midi signals, but it doesn't play the track, nor does it respond to the jogwheel.
The supplied VDJ software also doesn't allow me to enter the config menu, only upgrade to PRO and try Trial version for 20 days is shown. After the entering the trial period, I still can't access the config menu.

Traktor Scratch Pro even has bigger problems, Í have to restart the program multiple times before even getting it to receive midi signals, and even then after a few seconds the signal is lost and doesn't respond anymore.

I also used the analog audio mode offcourse, and have to say I'm disappointed very much by it's quality!
It's definately not useable for live shows, as the sound get's/is distorted/pumped up very much, even staying below 0dB.
I personally think it's the worst soundcard I've heard. They say it's analog, but It's still digital as it's AD/DA 24bit/48kHz converted, not?

I also don't like the VU meters, in CUE the VU output signal is indicating 3dB lower than the master output, so using the gain to cue up to master volume can give you false information when mixing in, as the volume will be much louder than the track that's playing.

I also don't like the master volume and gain that seem to be chained to eachother in the VU meter output.
Turning the master volume changes VU output, and also turning Gain changes the same VU output; why do you need a master volume knob then, only to be used in midi mode to have a function?
OK I just tried my VMS4 through the PA in analogue mode, using a CD playing on a Pioneer CDJ-400.

Sounds fine.

No distortion, no problems with VU meters.

Maybe others are running things with gains too high...

If I was to be picky, there is a lot of digital dirtiness/noise from the mixer, but it's only audible if you have the volume high enough, which would be ear bleeding if you played audio!

Listening in isolation with everything full up, each channel has its own hiss/buzz, which is much louder on channel 4 (closeness to the power supply?).

That muffled thumping sound that I mentioned before is there too, as if there's a little man trapped inside, trying to get out.

Pressing the cues changes the hiss sound slightly. Switching in the mic channels is REALLY noisy.

The good thing is that turning up the master volume does not introduce extra hiss, which a lot of cheap mixers do.

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