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are you able to make any profiles for Shinp Lasers. I was thinking about getting one of there lasers and i noticed the only 2 in mydmx is the dl-22 and dl-55 double laser series has a few different styles of lasers and alot of different models that are labeled dl-22...just different colors

if i dont get either of those model numbers are you able to make other profiles or is this something that has scarce information?
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i kinda figured that was what you were talking about. i would love to support ADJ or elation on my laser search but i want a laser that has purple in it, the royale looks nice but i dont want beam spread. i like the control i can do with the shinp.....atleast thats what all the video's show.

i like the galaxian sky alot but i really wish you guys had a dual galaxian with purple in it. i really want something like that and i want to buy in the next week
i think im going to try to stick with a usa dealer.

believe me....all my products are ADJ.....from the mydmx to the dmx cables to the accu spot 250/2....the only thing i have non ADJ is the chauvet led bars. i think if i cant get ADJ ill just stick with chauvet cause atleast i can get a warranty that will be honored here in the usa and not from some other country who prolly wont help me.
Just for the record, i have a few shinp lasers. In my experience, they tend to make a lot of noise, the case covers vibrate, no safety features such as key lockout or dongle ect. As they say, you get what you pay for.Not sure how long the shinp will last compared to others. I purchased the dl 66-c and one of the lasers would stay on at one specific point in the pre program. Shinp told me to open the unit and check connections as they may come loose during shipping. After re seating all conections the dl-66 worked fine. Not sure i like the build quality.
FYI, i am in the united states and am a hobby lserist. I guess the shinps would be ilegal to use in any venue here.

I can't say if the power listed in the specs are corect but they are nice bright and look good.

I have a laserworld projector and it is solid and has the safety features.
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If you are buying items that the maker is telling to crack open and push stuff back together because it comes loose during shipping, my advise is as follows:

Use some non-conductive hot glue and use that to really stick stuff together. Electrical tape can be used for some things.

I'm trying to order a new ROM for a rack unit of mine. I will have to remove a socketted PROM and replace it with the new one they send(assuming they will sell it to me). I'll then need to hot glue it down to ensure it doesn't come loose in transit as it lives in a rack in my live sound rig.

I also agree you get what you pay for.

As far as not being able to use it here, that may not be true. I know UL listing is a real plus, but it's not the only necessary testing organization required in order to get a device approved for usage in the United States. Me personally, I'm sticking with name brands I am familiar with(Shinp by ShenZhen is NOT a brand I am familiar with), namely American DJ and Elation.

All bashing aside, I saw a YouTube video of this product, and it looked pretty neat. I'm still not going to buy it. However, it's gotten me back to thinking about lasers again, mainly for "how can I incorporate those into a larger show I have". Bt since this is the MyDMX area AND I'm not using MyDMX for that show anymore(I'm using Compu Show for it), this doesn't apply here on two angles.

But to force this back onto topic: As long as a product has a DMX traits page or pages that can be read, a profile can be created to help it work in whatever DMX software package you need. The other side is "will it work when displaying in the 3D Visualizer"? Sadly, most lasers don't show up properly in the 3D Visualizer. That doesn't mean they aren't working, just that they don't appear as expected(if at all) in the 3D Visualizer.

Always stick with a brand that can handle warranty issues. I have had, actually, if we really want to get snotty about it, more problems with my ADJ fixtures, but that's because I have a LOT more ADJ fixtures. But comparing the process between Chauvet and ADJ, the experiences were quite different. Both ended positive but I never felt I was taking a chance with sending off a fixture to ADJ. Turn around times were acceptable as well, and again I preferred the work I saw coming back from ADJ.
I guess i really wasnt bashing shinp. they were very inexpensive for what i got. as i said they are nice and bright. I have three. DL-55, DL-66C and CL-36RGY. I guess comparing them to other brands they seemed a little lacking in the safety areas. The DL-66C does not even have a power switch, you just plug it in and it is on.

Yup, they are all dmx

I have an extreme laser cl-5rg that is pretty weak. Hardly ever play with it.
ADJ has some really good value priced FX units. It really comes down to what the company making the product wants to spend. Many Chinese shops, when making their own house brands(mostly from stolen designs) do it on the cheap. Since the design has already passed some sort of electrical compliances approval testing for the power portion, they don't have to deal with all that crap again.

Lots of DMX lights don't have on/off switches. my 4 Mega panels, my 8 Mega Bar 50's and my 8 64 LED Pros don't have power switches either and they are DMX. My non-LED Color Fusions are DMX and lack power switches. All my Chauvet DMX gear has power switches. None of my "high tech FX" have power switches, nore do they use DMX.

1: The lack of a power switch is just one less thing to go wrong and fail. It also reduces cost. I bet there is a fuse holder or a breaker to reset in case stuff goes bad.

2: DMX or not, the idea might be "Well, if you're using DMX, we'll put DMX traits to let you turn it on and off"

3: In stand-alone mode, they figure "If you want on/off, you'll control it via the wall plug or a swither pack".

My only issue with the ShenZhen lights is that since i'm not finding information on their web site and not downloading product manuals to check declarations and certifications, I can't comment on your statement about them probably being illegal to use in a club. Most safety certifications and processes seem to be forgotten in most parts of Asia(read: non-existant and nobody cares). Hell, you should see how they build buildings. No permits or inspections. Hope you live!

As far as safe, if they've pass some sort of power safety certification of some sorts, then they are good to go. The construction just tells me you need to take extra caution when moving and deploying these. If you're happy with them, then good.

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