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i bought 4 Innot Spot LED and i connect these with my DMX 1.0 controller, start address 1,11,21,31 so 10 chanels for each spot, but the heads following just for 2 min the address and then they dont hold the dmx address and moving chaotic around, i tested all cables , these are okay, Interface is okay.

i dont know whatis the problem, could you help me?

the last spot have of course a terminator end slot.

i have the feeling that the problem comes when the heads are warm, just a feeling


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Hello Luis,

thanks for youre fast response, yes i connected the 4 heads also with DMX 3.0, the same issue.

its crazy, but i tested yesterday each Spot alone and after around 30min one Spot started with this issues , didnt follow the DMX signal, then i connected the other 3 spots again together, everything was fine.

so one spot have a failure, and the Led is shutting off, when the spot is a bit more warm, all fans are running well, but you know what could cause this problem ??

Thanks in advance


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