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Hey james,
I have been searching the posts.
you have been here a LONG time.

AND very responsive.

Well as far as the DMX OUT part, I would have to say
I am not sure.

I'm the newbie trying to do his homework.

I guess i then need to investigate why no signal is going out.
They are all DMX chained together and they are all doing their own thing i perfect sync.

so I know they are talking.

I will investigate why nothing is coming out of my DMX OUT
and happy 4th
I am using Freestyler at the moment while i get acquainted with DMX.

I didn't have the DMX USB unit set up properly.
I missed on hoop to jump through.

working fine now.

BUT I do have another question regarding the inno spot elite

as I am working on building sequences number 5 of 6 units keeps going black rotating around, then wake up and goes back to the place it used to be before it freaked out.

any idea what is going on?
normal or bad unit?

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