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ok these are the instructions on how to properly install the 64 bit version of the drivers for my dmx. PLEASE follow these instructions to the "T" no extra clicks no doing anything extra cause you thought it was the right way. Follow mine please.

Make sure you are using the latest build of my dmx. Software date should be march 9 2009. Also download the 64 bit drivers from our website found here: (That is a direct link to download the drivers) After you have downloaded the .Zip file of the drivers extract the folder in the .zip file to the desktop.
Now in some cases selecting these drivers in device manager should do you fine. BUT if that doesn't work we have another solution for you.

your first step will be too download a .zip file which chris has hosted for us. You can grab that file here:
Now once you have that downloaded i want you to extract the contents of that .zip file to you desktop. once you have done that. Go to windows start menu> select computer> find you main harddrive in which my dmx is installed on ( usually C: Drive) and then in your C:drive loacate the my dmx folder and open it.
Now place the two files from the downloaded and extracted .zip file from chris's website and drag and drop them into the my dmx folder. when it asks you to overwrite select yes. if it asks you again select yes. After that you should be good to go. Close all your windows and you can delete the .zip files that were saved to your desktop once you confirmed my dmx is working on your 64 bit machine with the dongle attached and outputting DMX signal to your lights. hope this helps. Any questions let me know. If i need too i will record a screen video and put it up on you tube.
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Two suggestions:

1: Make this a sticky message at the TOP so others can find it easily.

2: I think a video might be overkill, but screen snaps might do the job. To me, this is very self evident, but I am thinking along the lines of "technical documentation" and as such, I think this would be an idea PDF file to distribute WITH the 64-bit files.
I installed following the instructions (including the downloads listed, and using the companion YouTube video) above on a 64-bit Windows 7 laptop.

I've had it working once, with a single light (so I know that it can work). But the next time I re-ran MyDMX, it failed. Except for that one time, it now always fails (details below). I've done repeated driver uninstall/reinstall cycles (with system reboots in-between each step). (The same DMX interface and lights are still working fine on a separate 32-bit, Windows XP Pro system.)

After a driver uninstall/reboot/re-install/reboot cycle, when I connect the DMX interface to the laptop, I see a yellow triangle "!" warning in Device Manager for the "Intelligent Usb Dmx Interface (SIUDI6C, 32/64 bits)" device (except of course for the one time it actually worked).

When I do a right-click/Properties on that device, the Device Status shown is, "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)".

Any suggestions?
No, I'm afraid it didn't help.

Yes, I did install the driver in Program Files (x86)\MyDMX.

In Device Manager, I right-clicked the driver and selected Update Driver. I then browsed to Program Files (x86)\MyDMX. After it completed, the driver still showed the yellow caution mark (both before and after a reboot).
Try this version. Download both files.
with this version you do not need to install to the program files X86 directory, you can just install it in the default location and then copy the siudi stick 32_64 bit drivers files to the my dmx folder and use device manager to point the driver location to the my dmx folder. Understand? So uninstall my dmx delete the my dmx folder and then reboot your Pc then install the version i linked you too. If you need help feel free to let us know,
Hi Good morning i still have problems with the interface... it was working perfectly

but yesturday (2 days before the show) its gone mad.

When switching on the pc the interface connects as usb mode with the program but the program does not function well

does not read the ssl data (while if connected in demo it will work perfectly

what can i do

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