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So I am running myDMX3.0 and resolume on the same laptop but mydmx takes over artnet and resolume no longer sees it as an option for pixel bars. How can I get myDMX to not take over artnet? I am using a artnet controller out of resolume. The pixel bars need to be mapped to video.

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MyDMX 3 software shouldn't be taking over artnet so long as its not enabled in the settings.
where is the DMX source for your pixel bars? Where is its DMX coming from? if its coming from MyDMX software then theres no way to route the output through to them through resolume.
Explain how you have everything wired in more detail and we can try to help further.

There is no DMX source for the pixel bars through myDMX. I don't want to control the pixel bars through myDMX at all. Data to the pixel bars should come artnet through a ethernet cable to the controller via Resolume.

myDMX out through the box to my lights via dmx. (Movers, wash lights, white wash...)

Resolume out through ethernet to a pixel controller. Pixel controller to pixel bars.

I want to control my lighting package with myDMX.

I want to control the pixel bars exclusively with resolume as I map video wall content onto the pixel bars. Sometimes the pixel bars are in front of the wall so if I map the same content the bars "disappear".

The Controller shows up in myDMX as a device but I can't select it to be active or inactive as I don't have the artnet license. The device has a active/inactive button for the main unit and then in the other window is shows all of the universes and they all have a "active" check mark next to them that I am unable to deselect because of the licensing.

Hope that helps make more sense.

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From one of the developers techs:
"Hmm, it actually appears more like there is a conflict between MyDMX3 and Resolume that is actually blocking the detection of the Art-Net node in the Resolume software. There is no logical sense for the Art-Net node to be taken over by MyDMX3, since the device is not connected within the software. It would be good if the customer could test this in the following way:

- Open Resolume and connect to the node

- Open MyDMX3 (MyDMX device plugged in)... Is the connection to the node broken?

- If the connection to the node remains, does connecting the MyDMX device to MyDMX3 break the connection?

Is the customer using Windows or Mac? I am wondering if it is possible by some permissions setting to disable internet connections to specific apps (so then MyDMX3 could not search for or detect the node).

Unfortunately this issue may be quite tricky to test, as it is extremely specific and requires additional hardware/software."

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