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Our stage lighting contains 18 PAR 64 cans.  Power to the lights are supplied via DMX controlled dimmers with two lights per channel for a total of 9 DMX channels.  

How do I represent all 18 lights in MyDMX 3?  When I go in to patch them I only see the ability to add a single fixture to DMX address.  How do I assign two lights to the same address?

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I don't want them to all do the same thing.  They are focused on different areas of the stage and highlight different performers during different times of the performance.  In MyDMX on the patch screen, when I add a light, it adds the light to the patch (let's say DMX channel 1) and also add a "fixture" represented as a square at the bottom of the screen.  How do I get the second square at the bottom of the screen also on DMX channel 1 which would represent my two lights both plugged into the same dimmer pack?

ah ok, sorry i misunderstood. 
in the program you cannot duplicate a fixture in the patch or in the 2D plot, but you can duplicate the fixture in the 3D. 
when you go into Edit mode on the 3D, in the objects section, expand fixtures, then the folder for the fixtures you want to duplicate and then right click the one hit copy, then right click on an empty space near it and hit paste. 
See pic attached. 


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I know this is an old thread but I didn't want to create a new one.

I am working on a setup that uses 4 Gobo lights with a DMX 512 controller.  They have been using one light on address 1, which sometimes serves as a spotlight, while the other 3 are on the same  address 17.  They use scanner 1 when they want the spot, and scanners 1 and 2 together to control all 4 in conjunction.  The owner would like to mimic this configuration in MyDMX3.  I have set it up to respond properly to the sliders, but the software GUI only shows a single Gobo for that address.  Is there a way to do this?

Hello, I'm new to DMX lighting (had always just had them lit or ran in sound mode).  I've been attempting to get used to the MyDMX 3.0 software and get my head wrapped around it.

I've got a Spider Head setup with several scenes that are linked together to run in a loop (as an attract mode for video game attraction) and it's triggered to start and stop via the I/O port.

My issue is that I want to add a second Spider Light and have it mirror the first one that I've set up.  I followed James's technique to copy and paste it using the 3D Visualizer and it looks all pretty in there but it doesn't seem that those settings have copied over to the MyDMX 3.0 software so I can push them to the box so we can run Standalone.  What step am I missing?

hi, sorry for the delay on this, but if you are using the same DMX starting address on both, then both will do the exact same thing as you already have programmed, there is no need to copy then paste fixtures with the same DMX starting address, my method is purely for visualization on the 3D, it will have no bearing or effects on the physical patching as its just a clone.... make sense? 

That does make sense I guess.  If I have two fixtures and I have them both set up with the same ID then they'll both function in the same pattern.

What if I wanted one to mirror the other one?  I.E. they are on the ceiling about 8' apart and I want them to run the same sequence but in a (horizontal) mirrored fashion?

They are running in 17 channel mode, so the first fixture is set as ID 1 and the second would be set as ID 18 (if I'm understand this correctly).   All of my software sequence is set up to run for channels 1-17 but I want all of those scenes to mirror themselves to the second fixture.  That would mean that I'd be looking for all the settings for 2-17 to copy over exactly to 19-34 and for all the setting for 1 to copy over to 18 but in an inverted fashion (because that's the horizontal movement channel). 

Is there an automatic way to expand the existing show like that or is it hours of manual entry (better off to scrap the show and start over again)?

FEG: you can still use the duplicate address but just use the invert pan or tilt options that should be built into the fixtures menu.
Otherwise yes, you will have to reprogram your show.

SteveMichigan: We've heard of that being an issue when using duplicates, but it just hasn't been fixed yet in any subsequent updates in the 3D.... its in the hands of the developers. but we are aware of it and its on the buglist for sure!

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