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Hi Tony,

3.11 is the firmware version of your hardware. You can check which version is installed by checking the LED's inthe mixer section on startup.

If there's 3 left and 8 right you need to update your firmare.

The download of the vdj le mac version is the correct software for your mac.
Tony, the firmware update is not part of VDJ.

But it does get installed as part of the VDJ LE installation.

VDJ does not need to be on your system when you do the firmware update. The software which performs the firmware update is a separate program.

Also, the version of VDJ on the VMS4 site is not the latest. You should register your VDJ LE serial number on the VDJ site, so that you can download the latest version from VDJ (Atomix).
not me interested the version of the VDJ but I am interested the version of the driver...and then step by step I have to do this: download the VDJ from the, enter the serial number that is on my cd,after entering into VDJ and switch on the vms4, so I have the driver 3.11 and the program for future firmware updates, after uninstall the VDJ from my computer I do not need why use Traktor Pro... I said right?
sorry for my english
You will need to install VDJ LE even if you do not use it, because the program for updating the firmware will be installed at the same time.

You can uninstall VDJ afterwards - but make sure that you keep the firmware update program (make a copy before you uninstall).

The program to update the firmware is not available on the VMS4 web site (why not, Mr American Audio person?).

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