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I am a mobile DJ and need to purchase one light that will look good on the floor in front of the DJ booth and in front of the dance-floor... this will be the only light being used... was thinking of either the MEGA BAR 50 or the PROFILE PANEL... which one would be best... would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions...
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Well, let me chime in, for what it's worth:

I have 4 Mega Panels and 4 Mega Bar 50's.

Here's my complaint:
I only have 4 of each!!!! I want more!

But, for the money, my next purchase(after my BIG one) is most likely going to be 4 Profile Panels.

But, the issue is ONE LIGHT. Not multiples, not groups, not pairs, be a SINGLE light. Ugh, that's what I see being a problem. In that case, maybe one of the Mega Bar Pro's might be a better option.

Here's my justification:
Lights like this don't work well as singles. They work best as pairs or groups, not necessarily as a cluster, but as spread out. Sure they can work fine single, but let's look at a few things:

Mega Bars are a wash-type light. Not that this is a bad ting, but they are a one-trick pony sort of fixture. For me that's fine, that's what I bought them for.

Now, if you want to "spice it up", I'd say, for your money, if the Profile Panel has the same feature set as the Mega Panel(download manuals and compare), then if you want to be cheap, go with the Profile Panel. Here's why, and I'm assuming it's a lower cost version of the Mega Panel:

I throw the Mega Panels into sound active mode via DMX(you could just avoid that and configure it to be in sound active mode) and they do their own thing. The light(yes, single) will act like it has 6 zones? Maybe it's 8. I forget. I don't have a manual, but it will run through all sorts of stuff, with different colors. I think it's just going through it's macros or something, but it will change from stripes, to checkers to half panel things, quarter panel things, full panel things. So, if you're trying to be cheap, and the Profile Panel is the same as the Mega Panel in features, get the Profile Panel. Then, get more Profile Panels as it will grow with you better.

So, my suggestion, in case you didn't get it, is a Profile Panel IF it's basically a Mega Panel re-done as a more cost-effective fixture.

And yes, I am planning to buy 4 of these Profile Panels.
Chris... if you must know, I have a 14 light show with all multiple lights... the only single lights is a Galaxian 3D laser and a Tri Phase... However, that's not what this post is about... I will be buying 2 profile panels to add to the light show... however, like I said, I want to include one light for clients who don't purchase any lights... I want to give them something for the dance-floor... The Profile Panel seems like the best option in a single light situation...

I know Jingles only used one sentence but I believe he feels the same way you do... I appreciate your input and suggestions... I notice that you always give some good advice here...
Let me just add this. i know from a spectator stand point (and as a light junkie haha) that if i went to a venue or party or whatever and only to find the person who hired the entertainment cheap'd out on the light show by not paying for a decent light package with the Dj company i would be pissed! haha.
but Tommy I totally understand that if they are not willing to pay then it is not worth your time to set it up and run it. and no i am not a DJ. Just a lighting guy. Smiler
A lot of the people around here can be/are sometimes cheap and just simply want a DJ and nothing more. So I can relate to what Tommy is saying (BTW, are you by chance Tommy B from Township? Just wondering because then you would know who I am). It is nice to give them a little something extra.

I use to do some work for a DJ'ing company around here who wanted light shows at every event and sold it as such. But that is a hard sell sometimes since you are talking about more money. I was bringing out 4x 250w scanners, 4x 575w moving heads, 2x 750w strobes, small truss system, haze, a couple of LED floods (DLED 36s or later Opti Tri's), console (Piggy Big Grin) and myself to run the lights/setup/tear down. That was something like $1500-2000 a night for that small setup from what I remember. I commend people who try to put forth the extra effort to both sell and bring lighting gear as many people simply don't get how much it changes the atmosphere and how much it can change a room.
You might want to consider getting 2 effects one that you can leave on for slow songs another for fast songs. a good choice for slow songs and to leave on all night is the Am Dj Starball II it gives the old mirrorball effect and can be run all night witout any problems.

The other effect should be a bright colorful effect such as the Revo's

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