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I needed a DMX controller bad, and picked up an auto-mate at one of Mars Music store closings, but what I did not realise is that it is pre-programed for the pocket scan! ****, what can I do about this? I realy need a controller in order to get the best out of my lights, and I realy got a good deal on this one (no exchanges, refunds, etc..). So if there is anyone out there that can help me I would gratly appreciate it.

By the way, I have acces to a DMX Solo if I can use this to reprogram the Auto-Mate.

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i could be wrong but i think to program your own scenes for your lights, you will need a dmx operator or another dmx programming controller. from what i understand, the auto mate executes scenes and executes sound active mode, but it cannot create its own scenes or chases. you would probably be better off with a dmx operator I or II for programming, and then you would connect that to the auto mate and feed it your own scenes and chases to override the pre-programmed ones. i am not very knowledgable in this area but i hope this helps-jay Big Grin
What light is it for?

Also go back and yell at them, LOL telling them that they sold you the wrong one, who cares if their closing, don't make a really big scene but nicely talk to them and see if they can exchange one for the one you need. (if they have it in stock) if not go to a friendly local dealer bring in your automate and ask them if they can reprogram it for you with there DMX operator of something. (i think you can reprogram it)

I will be using two DJ Scans & two DJ Scan/RGs.
The deal is that this controller was marked down to $20.00, so if I can get it reprogramed it will be worth my wild! Can you offer any more suggestions on reprogramming? Also one of my DJ Scan/RGs if acting strange. Every now and then the gobo will be just a big bright ball of light and it will stay that way rotating, and the other Scan/RG wont rotate? Any suggestions?

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